Mottahedeh Blue Canton Bowl Set

mottahedeh blue canton bowl set 29046

A blue canton bowl is one of the most recognizable pieces of Chinese porcelain, and the pattern is quite unique. This type of bowl has a common pattern: a series pagodas placed on a riverscape. It is often accompanied with a blue border. This bowl, however, is a far cry from its familiar, round shape. This article will discuss some of the qualities that distinguish this bowl from others. We will also look at what it means to be blue canton and its use in the United States.

The Mottahedeh Blue Canton Bowl Set consists of four porringer bowls in the traditional Blue Canton design. Each bowl is adorned with beautiful handles in the shape of quatre flora. The set is reminiscent of the great Chinese trading port of Canton and has an elegant handle with a quatre-foil cutout. This gorgeous bowl set is a great choice for any dinner table. This beautiful bowl will make your home feel luxurious and special.

Mottahedeh Blue Canton Bowl Set
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