Muesli Gurse’s fortune

Müslüm Gürses was a popular Turkish arabesque singer and actor. How rich is Müslüm Gürses?

Singer. Born on July 5, 1953 in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. Muesli Gürse’s fortune is estimated at around 9 million euros. From 1967 on he appeared regularly on Saturdays on the state radio station TRT Adana-Çukurova live with Turkish folk songs (Türkü). His debut album single “Emmioğlu / Ovada Taşa Basma” was released in 1968. The following year, 1969, he had a hit with the title “Sevda Yüklü Kervanlar / Vurma Güzel Vurma”, which was released by Palandöken Records in Istanbul and sold 300,000 times.

Bourgeois name: Muesli Akbaş
Also known as: Granola Baba
Spouse: Muhterem Nur (m. 1986-2013)
Siblings: Ahmet Akbaş, Zeyno Akbaş
Müslüm Gürses size: 1.80 m
Nationality: Turkish
His career began: 1968-2013

What is the net worth of Müslüm Gürses?
Müslüm Gürses’ assets are currently € 9 million.

Record labels: Elenor Müzik, Bayar Müzik.
Music genres: Arabesque, pop-folk, rock.
Is also often searched for: Ferdi Tayfur, Orhan Gencebay, İbrahim Tatlıses, Sezen Aksu.

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Muesli Gurse’s fortune

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