Musashi New Bern

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At Musashi New Bern, you’ll be able to watch chefs cook on the table top while dining. They prepare hibachi meals on the table, and there’s a sushi bar too. These chefs will prepare your meals in front of you, and it’s a fantastic way to experience the best of Japanese cuisine.

Musashi is located at Glenburnie Road in New Bern. Located just a few minutes west of downtown, Musashi features an extensive Japanese-style menu. In addition to a large selection of sushi, the restaurant also offers a selection of other dishes and multi-course Japanese meals.

Although Musashi’s exterior may deter some date nights, the interior is warm and inviting, and the plates are well-prepared. The convenient location and friendly, attentive staff make for a pleasant dinner. The prices are affordable and the atmosphere is casual. Musashi is the place to go if you want a great Japanese meal at a reasonable price.

Musashi Japanese Steak and Seafood Restaurant offers sushi staples that are affordable and presented in colorful arrangements. The chefs prepare meat dishes, often Hibachi-style, in addition to sushi. The restaurant also offers takeout and combination specials. This is the perfect spot for a special evening!

Musashi New Bern
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