Mushtown Helper Quest Guide

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The Mushtown Helper quest is a three-part mission that is given by the mayor of Mushtown to solve the problem of overpopulation and emerging Shroom aggression. Part 1 is for players at level 2. Mayor Noah is concerned about the mushroom forest’s proliferation. To solve the problem, the player must defeat 10 Baby Shrooms as well as 1 Shroom.

You will find Edith, the Mushtown Innkeeper, in the game. You’ll find her near the Mushtown Guild Hall, and around the outskirts. There, you can pick up an innkeeper’s robes, items, and other items. She will then take you to your destination. Mushtown also has two other NPCs. Jillian, a landseller, runs the Mushtown Guild Hall. Lela, a merchant is also a NPC.

Mushtown Helper Quest Guide
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