My Little Pony a New Generation Coloring Pages

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Coloring pages for kids feature the characters in the My Little Pony a New Generation TV series. The pages feature Twilight Spark and other ponies. The series’ plot follows Twilight and other ponies’ adventures, as well Princess Celestia who sends Twilight to Ponyville to teach her about friendship. These coloring pages feature the characters in various adventures around Ponyville. Through the lessons of friendship, the series is well-known for teaching lessons about friendship.

Each coloring page features a different pony. One pony represents laughter. Pinkie Pie, a magenta-pink pony with a head-to-toe appearance, is a great symbol for laughter. She is hyperactive and enjoys singing and lives with her granny on the second floor of the bakery. Another pony who makes appearances in coloring sheets is Rainbow Dash. This pony has a brown Stetson hat and is Twilight Sparkle’s assistant. She is loyal to all ponies and can clear the sky of cloud when necessary.

In the second installment of the My Little Pony franchise, the ponies are separated into two groups, the unicorns and the Earth ponies. In the first book, Twilight Sparkle taught the ponies to live together, but things change. The pony world has become a very divided place. The unicorns and pegasi live in the sky, while the Earth ponies live on Earth. Argyle Starshine shares with his daughter Sunny Starscout stories from his childhood with Twilight Sparkle. Sunny inherits his father’s dream of bringing pony species together and restoring harmony in the pony world.

My Little Pony a New Generation Coloring Pages
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