New Campers Flirt With Percy Fanfiction

Ella was sitting on Cabin 10’s front porch wearing a t-shirt with Camp Half-Blood written on it, Nike leggings, and white running shoes. She had an understated outfit but made it look glamorous with her long, dark hair and blue eyes. Her face was tanned and her body was petite and athletic.

She was looking for the best author of a Roman funeral pyre book, and Percy followed her. Her blonde hair bounced against her back as she flipped through the book spines. Her fingers also moved across the spines. Percy huffed and Annabeth took a step back from him.

Percy’s thoughts shifted to being different from Annabeth. He questioned whether he was the perfect match for her. He thought of the time when his best friend had been flirting with another guy. He was also watching his girlfriend go for walks with a nature freak. Annabeth wasn’t a fan of nature freaks but had a friend who was. He noticed that Annabeth smiled at Isaac whenever he spoke to them.

Percy’s eyes became more fond. He wanted Annabeth happy and he was determined that she was happy. He didn’t speak to Annabeth’s siblings because he knew they wouldn’t show sympathy. Instead, he asked a friend to let her know that he was looking for her. As Percy approached Annabeth, he felt her love for him. He even wished that he could read lips!

New Campers Flirt With Percy Fanfiction
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