New Driving Laws & Highway Code Updates for 2022

New Driving Laws & Highway Code Updates for 2022

There are a few different laws and regulations being introduced for drivers in 2022. They can mainly focus on things like speeding and seat belts, but the most important point is that people driving should always have their safety first.

  • The Highway code has been updated, it’s important for drivers to take care of those who are more vulnerable and the new hierarchy of road uses can help with this.
  • The government has just announced that their plans for introducing smart motorways will not be realised until at least five years from now.
  • Drivers are now subject to stricter rules on the use of mobile phones in vehicles.
  • Traffic violations might be a lower level of crime, but they’re still important to deter. Now the Local Council can enforce things like bus lane violations with their cameras and issue tickets to offenders after checking on closed circuit TV.
  • If a nurse is present and has access to your medical records, they may refuse to let you drive if you’re in a medically fragile state.
  • The government will enforce automatic speed limiters on new cars starting in July of 2022, applying to cars with reg plates 22 and 72 onwards.
  • The government has decided not to issue driving licenses to people known to use illegal narcotics.
  • It is illegal to stop or park on the pavement, which could lead to danger for people walking.
  • A ban on using red diesel to reduce carbon emissions, in tune with their commitment to prevention of climate change and achieving green energy status.
  • The government’s electric car grant was a key factor in making them more affordable. In December 2021, the government reduced the grant. Before this, it was available for vehicles up to £35,000 but the new guidelines means it will only be available for cars priced under £32k.
  • Clean Air Zones will be introduced in Manchester, Bradford and other similar areas in 2022. The zones will only allow vehicles to enter which meet emissions standards or are electric
  • New homes will have to have charging points for electric cars fitted by law in 2022.

The government has been putting more effort into getting people out of their cars and onto active transportation. The hierarchy of road users can help with this by giving drivers the responsibility to protect those who are more vulnerable.

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New Driving Laws & Highway Code Updates for 2022

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