New Fairfield Library

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The New Fairfield Library aims to be a community resource that is educational, recreational, and informative. The Library assists individuals and groups with their daily activities. It also serves as a community centre for cultural, social and business development. The New Fairfield Library offers the resources necessary to improve the quality and life of residents.

The Fairfield Area Library is located at 1-3 Hamilton Road, a two-story building with ample space for future expansion. The new building replaces the former library, which was located at Kenyon Street. The library is located in Laburnum Gateway, which is home of the Eastern Henrico Recreation Center as well as the Health Department East Clinic. The Library is easily accessible by the public via a traffic light and crosswalk.

The new Fairfield Area Library will offer expanded hours and library services and will feature a digital media lab and video display honoring local trailblazers. The new library is twice as big as the old one and has a drive-up window. There’s also a large lobby. It also includes a digital media lab, classrooms, and group study areas.

New Fairfield Library
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