New Hampshire Pronunciation

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Before you travel to New Hampshire, it is important to learn the New Hampshire pronunciation. There are many words and terms that are unique to the state. While many are similar to other New England states, there are some key differences. If you want to be understood by people outside of the state, you must learn the correct pronunciation.

The English colonists who settled here in England are the ones that gave the accent its name. They brought with them the speech patterns of Elizabethan London as well as part rural dialects from Yorkshire and Lancashire. These influences have contributed to the distinct accent of the state. The New Hampshire pronunciation is distinctly different from other states’ accents.

When it comes to New Hampshire pronunciation, it’s important to understand where the state falls within the New England region. The state is located in the Northeast United States and borders Canada and the U.S. Its capital city is Concord. It has a population of 1,235,786. Among its other attractions, the state is home to the White Mountain National Forest and Lake Winnipesaukee.

New Hampshire Pronunciation
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