New Hampton NH Weather

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The weather in New Hampton is usually mild with high temperatures averaging 79 degrees and low temperatures averaging 60 degrees. July is generally the most pleasant month, with August the least. There are some seasonal variations and the average temperatures of July, August, July, July, and January are based upon historical data.

The wettest month in New Hampton is October, and the driest is February. In total, the city experiences a little over 45 inches of precipitation per year, but that’s nothing to complain about. New Hampton is also well-known for its mild winters. There are many ski resorts in the area.

The New Hampton, NH local weather report will show you current temperature, humidity, and wind speed. A long-range forecast is also available. You can also view the current conditions for any day, including the times of sunrise and sunset. If severe weather warnings are issued, the New Hampton, NH weather forecast will include them.

New Hampton NH Weather
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