New Moon Rugs

The New Moon Rug Company was founded by John McConnell with the vision of providing high quality rugs made with social responsibility and integrity. His company carries on the tradition of mankind’s oldest art. Today, New Moon strives to provide the highest standards of responsible design and workmanship without compromising quality or social responsibility.

Cross-weave technique is used to create New Moon rugs. The company is also a founding member in Goodweave, which is a global nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable practice. Their work includes providing educational opportunities for children in India, Nepal, and other parts of the world. Customers can buy a rug with a Goodweave label to rest assured that child labor was not used in its production.

The founders of New Moon are not only knowledgeable in the field of rug making, but also have a passion and love for the art. Erika, their daughter, has been the producer since 2004. She brings her background in art history and architecture to the company’s focus on design. Their wife Ellen is the firm’s guru.

The company’s initial collection featured rugs featuring motifs of Tibetan tigers, animals, and other animals. The rugs are made in Nepal and are hand-knotted using Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. Their collections are available in a variety of designs and patterns. Since their creation, New Moon has become one of the most prestigious names in the hand-knotted rug industry.

The New Moon rug collection offers an unparalleled range of colors. Most Tibetan rugs only offer five to eight colors. The New Moon line offers twelve to 25 color combinations. This allows for a wide range of designs that are both striking yet versatile. In fact, the most elaborate pieces can have as many as 126 color combinations.

New Moon rugs are naturally stain-resistant. The wool in these rugs has natural lanolin that helps repel stains. The wool is also weakened by strong chemical washes. New Moon rugs are not chemically treated, which allows the natural shine and patina of each rug to reveal itself. As a result, these rugs improve in beauty with time.

The quality of the material used for a rug is a major factor in its price. Tibetan wool, for example, is considered the best wool for rugs. However, don’t confuse this with cheaper New Zealand wool. In addition to wool, Chinese silk is deemed the best silk for rugs. The finer the material used, the better quality the rug will be. Hand-carding and spinning of the wool adds to its fineness.

New Moon Rugs
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