New Orleans Auto: Reasons to Replace Fan and Cooling Motors

New Orleans Auto Reasons to Replace Fan and Cooling Motors

One of the most important parts of your car’s maintenance is to make sure the cooling system is working properly. A cooling fan is another name for a radiator fan. When your car’s radiator or cooling fan begins acting up, you need to act fast to prevent any damage to your car.

Here are 5 common reasons that it’s time for a replacement or a fan motor repair in New Orleans.

1. Cooling fans do not come on

The most typical indication of a faulty cooling fan relay is that the cooling fan does not turn on at all. The fan will not operate if the electric motor malfunctions or goes out, which is common. The reason for this is that the electric fan motor works in tandem with the fan blades to draw air through the radiator fins.

2. Vehicle overheating

An overheated engine is a common sign of a faulty radiator, and it happens anytime the cooling system is malfunctioning. As soon as a given condition or temperature is met, electric radiator fans turn on.

Unless the radiator fan is working properly, the engine’s temperature will increase until it overheats. Since engine overheating is a typical cooling system problem that may be caused by a variety of issues, you should get your car diagnosed by a skilled technician in New Orleans to determine the root of the problem.

3. Blown fuse

Almost all of the vehicle’s electrical components are supported by a fuse. In the event of an electrical surge, the fuse will switch off power to that specific piece of equipment, preventing damage. A blown fuse is what we describe this.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing to be concerned about if your fuse blows. Using your car’s user handbook, identify the fuse for the radiator fan controller or fan if the fan isn’t working.

A 50-amp fuse is often used for the fan, however, the fan control module may also have a smaller 50-amp fuse. There may be a wiring problem or an issue with the radiator fan when the fan fuse blows.

4. A/C performance not good

If the radiator fan stops operating while the air conditioner is turned on, you should seek expert help in New Orleans  as soon as possible. Car air conditioning (AC) problems might be caused by a faulty radiator fan. This is due to the fact that the radiator cooling fan produces twice as much air as the condenser fan.

The radiator fan draws air through the condenser, which eliminates the refrigerant’s heat vapor. The performance of the air conditioner will be affected if the radiator fan breaks.

5. Loud whirring sounds

When the radiator cooling fan motor malfunctions, you may hear a loud snapping or whirring sound that alternates with engine revs. The radiator cooling fan is delicate and works in tandem with the blades; if one of them moves out of position, it may touch other components and vibrate.

When the fan clutch fails, an unpleasant whirring noise will be heard. Although a noisy radiator fan might be annoying, repairing it in a timely manner can save you money in the long run.

Can I Drive with a Broken Cooling Fan?

Although it is possible to drive without a radiator fan in your car, it is wise if you do not. It’s essential that your car’s cooling system is working properly, since an overheated engine may cause significant damage. If your cooling fan fails and you see any of the red flags listed above, you should take your car to a trustworthy auto repair shop in New Orleans as soon as possible. The more damage your cooling fan has sustained, the higher the repair fee will be.

Schedule Vehicle Engine Cooling Inspection in New Orleans Today

Because it is an integral part of the cooling system, the radiator cooling fan plays a critical role in ensuring that the engine is kept at the optimal temperature for the driver to safely drive a car.

Summer is brutal on vehicles. Your car’s cooling system will keep it from overheating all summer long. Your car’s heating system might malfunction and cause engine damage if the radiator fan is broken. Detecting car cooling problems early is critical to preventing overheating or overcooling problems. Why not schedule an appointment with a reliable New Orleans auto shop today?

New Orleans Auto: Reasons to Replace Fan and Cooling Motors

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