New Quarantine Booking Feature in OYO Care App

OYO Care has introduced a new quarantine feature in its mobile app. This feature lets users book isolation facilities for people suffering from COVID-19. The initiative was launched to support the stretched healthcare system in India. The initiative allows frontline workers to book a stay in an isolated room. It also allows travellers to book a hotel with the facility. This feature will allow you to travel to countries affected by natural disasters.

OYO Care has partnered more than 30 hospitals and some government authorities to provide these services. It has opened dedicated properties in major urban centers and plans to expand its service to local healthcare professionals and government employees. This service will also be available to the public and private sectors. It’s a convenient option for travelers and a valuable addition on any traveler’s itinerary.

In addition to working with over 30 hospitals, OYO has also partnered with many government bodies and private sector companies to open specialized properties. These properties provide safe stay for COVID-19-positive patients and serve the accommodation needs of local governments. The company has also partnered with quarantine centres to provide post-travel isolation for loved ones of patients in quarantine. The new app will also allow users to book an upcoming flight or hotel.

It also includes the OYO Care app and a number dedicated quarantine properties in Bangalore/Delhi NCR. The goal is to increase the number hotels that can host quarantine centres in the region. Occupancy rates at these properties have declined significantly due to the increase in cases of the diseases and lockdowns. OYO hopes to provide more convenient and affordable accommodations for the nation’s travellers.

OYO has added a quarantine booking function to its app as the number of COVID-19 positive patients continues to increase. This feature allows users to book an appointment for an isolated stay in the city near a hospital. Apart from quarantine booking, OYO has also partnered with several hospitals, ministries, and government authorities to provide isolation for asymptomatic patients. OYO Care is a great option for tourists and individuals traveling to foreign countries.

OYO has partnered with more than 30 hospitals across the country to provide quarantine services. Its partnerships with various government bodies and private sectors have allowed it to provide quarantine facilities for asymptomatic patients. These facilities are intended to protect patients and their families. The service is also available to individuals from any part of the country. So, you can book your stay online or contact an OYO Care expert for further assistance.

OYO Care launched a mobile app that allows you to book quarantine facilities. In addition to offering these services, it has also partnered with various government bodies and hospitals to help medical staff who have COVID-19. Patients can now book their stay at OYO Care facilities near their hospital. Further, it provides medical staff with food and safe accommodation while they are in a quarantine.

With the growing epidemic of Covid-19 in India, there is a desperate need for safe spaces for those who have this disease. To meet this need, GiveIndia and OYO Care have teamed up with the nonprofit organization to launch a fundraising campaign, #ShelterForAll, in which the two organizations will offer quarantine shelters to people with Covid-19. These patients will also be provided with meals and food.

OYO Care will also offer quarantine facilities through its mobile app. The app has partnered with a number of government bodies and hospitals to provide quarantine facilities for those suffering from illness. The OYO care app now has a quarantine facility. Those undergoing treatment in these facilities can access the health and psychological support they need. Asymptomatic patients can also be provided post-travel isolation by the company.

The Oyo Care app will also provide quarantine facilities for those with COVID-19. The initiative will partner with hotels in India to provide a hospitable environment for people with the virus. This will allow these patients to receive the treatment they need in a safe environment. OYO will provide information on how to get vaccinated, in addition to providing quarantine facilities. This initiative will be of benefit to many people in the affected areas.

New Quarantine Booking Feature in OYO Care App
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