New Ravenna Tile

New Ravenna tile is America’s most renowned designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaics. These mosaics are shaped into medallions, decorative fields, murals and borders. Each tile is cut and shaped individually to create a unique design. They are considered unique works of art.

New Ravenna tile has over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing mosaics for residential and commercial projects. The company creates custom mosaics for residential and commercial installations, and distributes them through more than 200 designer showrooms nationwide. We can create any custom piece or artistic border for you.

The intricate designs of New Ravenna tile are the result of a meticulous process of hand-cutting and waterjet cutting. The technique allows for clean and precise curves. This technology can also be used with different types of glass and stone. The end result is a tile with a contemporary and elegant feel.

The New Ravenna collection includes nine new designs as well as 17 redesigned old ones. The company’s fall collection features bold and colorful mosaic designs. Basalto orvieto is a gray basalt sourced from Italian quarries. Basalto binds with handmade glazes more effectively than any other material, which gives the new materials a unique color payoff.

The New Ravenna Tile company is headquartered in the Eastern Shore of Virginia and employs 130+ people. The company has partnered with more than 200 independent showrooms to sell its products worldwide. It also offers installation services for homeowners and commercial property owners. These custom stone mosaics are used in high-end settings such as homes, corporate offices, and other high-end areas.

Cean Irminger has worked at New Ravenna since many years. He has created intricate tile patterns that are ideal for feature walls in creative agencies and hospitality. These mosaic tiles make a stunning addition to any space. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any project. You can choose from monochromatic or colorful stone tiles.

Bathrooms are another place where the New Ravenna Tile can be used. This bathroom features a roll-top bathtub with a polished nickel tub filler. It also has a towel rail. The bathroom’s walls and ceiling are also framed in New Ravenna Sophie mosaic glass tiles. Its mosaic glass tiles frame windows and glass-front cabinets.

New Ravenna Tile
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