New Trier Lacrosse Team Hazing Investigation Revealed

A video of a New Trier varsity boys’ lacrosse player is seen on the North Shore Chicago. He is shown kneeling with a box full of White Claws over his head. The player then has a blue plastic bat driven into his shoulder. The team is currently on probation for the 2022 and 2023 season. Officials from New Trier declined to comment on the details of the incident. However, it is clear that the whole team was hazed at the off-campus gathering.

The school has put the boys’ varsity lacrosse team on probation after an investigation revealed that there was a serious case of hazing that took place at an off-campus party. The team was banned from participating in out-of-state competitions. They also forfeited spring break games. The school has also barred its students from attending off-campus social gatherings, something that was prohibited prior to the incident. The school also stated that the hazing incident caused serious consequences for the students involved.

The New Trier lacrosse team hazing scandal has impacted the school’s student body, affecting both the athletic program and the rest of the student body. It has caused students to question their values and are more likely to distance themselves from the team members who committed this offense. It could be that they are trying to avoid being linked to the scandal. However, it doesn’t seem like this is the case.

The school administration sent parents an email detailing the incident. It stated that the team was banned from competing in out-of state competitions and from attending out-of town gatherings for two consecutive years. The team must also complete a program about hazing. The goal of the program is to develop a culture of positive behavior among the team. If this is not enough, the school may be forced to take immediate action.

New Trier Lacrosse Team Hazing Investigation Revealed
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