New Trier Lacrosse Team Placed on Probation

Following the release of a video of a lacrosse hazing incident, the administration of New Trier High School has placed the boys varsity lacrosse team on two-year probation. The video, which shows a crude initiation ritual, has drawn widespread media attention and raised concerns about New Trier’s lacrosse program.

The video shows a New Trier lacrosse player kneeling and holding a box of White Claws above his head. He is then struck in the shoulder by a blue plastic bat. The incident was captured on tape and circulated on North Shore. A team member was seen tapping the player’s shoulder before a blue plastic bat was driven into his shoulder.

The scandal surrounding New Trier’s lacrosse team has had repercussions that go far beyond the school’s athletic program. It has affected the entire student body, and many students have begun questioning their values. They are also starting to distance themselves from their fellow students. It is not surprising that the scandal has resulted in some disapproval among sophomores and other students.

The school’s administration has not prosecuted any of the players involved in the incident, but the school is conducting an investigation into the incident. The hazing was caught on video at an off-campus party and has since circulated online. The school’s extracurricular code of conduct states that violations of the code will result in suspension.

Herrala has been a New Trier High School lacrosse coach since 1996. He was promoted to head coach in 2009. He was informed of his dismissal in June. He was unaware at first of the hazing incident. He learned about the incident after he discovered it and he informed the school administration.

As a result of the hazing incident, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team has been placed on probation for two years. The school also barred the team from participating in out-of-state competitions and forfeited their spring break games. Officials at New Trier declined to discuss the punishments, but the school expects that the players will uphold the highest safety standards.

The athletic director of New Trier High School has confirmed the hazing incident, and that Herrala has not been asked to return after the spring season. The school’s athletic department is currently searching for a replacement coach. The district is currently investigating the hazing incident.

New Trier Lacrosse Team Placed on Probation
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