Oh You Dog Meme

oh you dog meme 45969

Ah, the oh you dog meme! A cute dog will brighten anyone’s day, whether it is begging for attention, giving doggy kisses, or just being cute. Regardless of the meme’s origin, it is sure to make you laugh. It can make you want to get a dog and adopt it as a pet! Hopefully you can get the perfect dog, too! In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy these hilarious pictures of cute dogs!

The origins of the Oh You Dog Meme are unknown, but a dog in the picture is said to have the best memories. This meme came about after a user named Se7en Sinner uploaded a photo to the /r/Funny subreddit. The image featured a dog and a man, along with the caption “Oh, you!” iglock shared a template for a four-pane comic to the subreddit. It quickly spread throughout the subreddit, gaining more than a thousand subscribers within six days.

Oh You Dog Meme
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