Olaf Schubert fortune

Olaf Schubert is a German comedian and musician. How rich is Olaf Schubert?

Comedian. Born on November 7, 1967 in Plauen, Germany. Olaf Schubert fortune is estimated at around 3.5 million euros. He works as a comedian and musician in German broadcasters and radios.

Full name: Michael Haubold
Spouse: Carola Schubert (married 1993)
Olaf Schubert size: 1.84 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1955
Awards: Bambi in the Comedy category

What is Olaf Schubert’s net worth?
Olaf Schubert’s assets are currently € 3.5 million.

Olaf Schubert films and TV shows: Olaf encourages, Schubert in Love, Olaf makes the world a better place !, Olaf’s club.
Albums: My struggles, here I am !, real people.
Does he play alongside: Oliver Welke, Dieter Nuhr, Johann König, Torsten Sträter.

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Olaf Schubert fortune

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