Oliver Friedrichs

Oliver Friedrichs

Oliver Friedrichs has established five companies and sold four to large security players such as McAfee and Splunk. Currently he runs Pangaea which offers security automation and orchestration.

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Professional Career

Oliver Friedrichs, an industry veteran who founded or co-founded three security businesses acquired by major cybersecurity firms. He created early warning systems and tools to detect network security vulnerabilities – his products were the first to detect CodeREd and Slammer Internet worms; additionally he created a prototype for Core Security Technologies’ first commercial penetration-testing product acquired via this product’s prototype development process.

Friedrichs currently serves as CEO of Phantom, which was launched with funding from In-Q-Tel. Phantom provides software to automate and orchestrate security operations using its visual playbook editor powered by business process modeling notation (BPMN) interface that generates Python code.

Jonathan Sakoda of Sales Bluebird speaks with Oliver Friedrichs, founder and CEO of Phantom Cyber. Oliver is a four-time successful entrepreneur having sold his companies to McAfee, Symantec, and Sourcefire respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Friedrichs has proven his entrepreneurial prowess on four separate occasions by selling companies to McAfee, Symantec and Sourcefire; founding and leading Phantom Cyber; being recognized for his contributions in anti-virus technology development as well as authoring three security books.

He has won multiple academic awards and prizes, and was recently inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, an honorary society for outstanding scholarship in liberal arts and sciences.

This prize is given out by the Chemistry department to a student who exhibits outstanding analytical chemistry skills, sponsored by DeWitt Wallace Professor of Chemistry and Beverly Beatty Schwartz Fund. Recipients are selected on basis of academic merit and personal character.

Personal Life

Oliver Friedrichs has achieved great success as an entrepreneur with four businesses acquired by McAfee, Symantec, Sourcefire and Splunk; currently serving as Vice President of Security Products at Splunk.

He founded or co-founded several cyber security companies, including Immunet (acquired by Sourcefire for $21 million), DeepSight, an Internet early warning system, and Bugtraq, an early vulnerability management solution acquired by Symantec in 2002.

Friedrichs is best known for creating SNIPER, the world’s first penetration testing product that was later acquired by Core Security Technologies and later CORE IMPACT. Friedrichs resides in San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Mary and son Benjamin; they own their home in Oakland Hills; as well as many friends and family in both California Bay Area and Los Angeles areas.

Net Worth

Oliver Friedrichs has established four highly successful security-related ventures that he has sold to major players in the security space. These ventures include Immunet, which was acquired by Sourcefire; SecurityFocus (Bugtraq) and DeepSight from Symantec; Secure Networks and Ballista (CyberCop) from McAfee; as well as creating an early warning system and tool to detect network security vulnerabilities – with Oliver now serving as both founder and CEO of Phantom Cyber.

Revelstoke Security, pioneers of the first SOAR platform utilizing a Unified Data Layer, is delighted to welcome Oliver Friedrichs to its Board of Advisors. Oliver brings decades of experience as multiple founder and CEO in multiple organizations to this leadership team of Revelstoke Security.

Oliver is a pioneer in security automation, threat detection and vulnerability management.

Oliver Friedrichs
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