Orca Bulldog

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The Orca Bulldog is one of the most loved assistance dogs of all time. Orca was born on 13 November 2001 and was paired with Cheryl Alexander (a disabled woman) on 28 March 2003. Cheryl is a wheelchair user due to her Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy syndrome, which prevents her from walking unaided. They had six children together, including two daughters. Orca retired from the show on 12 November 2013, and she passed away on 5 November 2014.

The Super 8 round will see the Top Group A contestant advance against the two finalists of Group B. The Top Group A contestant will be revealed on Monday, April 9. Orca performed Poison’s “Every Rose Has a Thorn” to win the group. The judges correctly guess Billie Joe Armstrong as the star behind the mask when they asked them to guess. The judges were correct, and Armstrong advanced to the Super 8 round.

But the SeaWorld team has been under fire for its inhumane treatment of orcas. The video, titled “Blackfish: A Documentary About the Orca Bulldog at SeaWorld”, hints that orcas are driven to psychosis through their indignities and cruel treatment. It also points out that SeaWorld has been sued twice for misrepresenting orca behavior in the same time frame. But they have not changed the conditions that caused these tragedies.

Orca Bulldog
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