Packers Vs Broncos 2015

When preparing for the Green Bay Packers game against the Denver Broncos, there are a few things you should be aware of. The Packers were a double-digit favorite when they entered the game. The Broncos came in with a record of 12-4. Both teams were defending Super Bowl champs. The Green Bay Packers had easily beaten their regular season opponents, while the Broncos barely edged out the New England Patriots in their two postseason wins.

Denver was in great shape early in the game, and it showed as they forced the Packers to punt. The Packers drove to their 39-yard line after punting. The Broncos responded by blitzing Denver’s defense. Denver was able to gain a first down on third down due to a holding penalty against Doug Evans. Terrell Davis then ran 27 yards and scored.

The Denver Broncos took advantage of the Packers’ poor offense and were able to keep Aaron Rodgers’ passing game alive. The Broncos’ rush caused the Packers’ pocket to collapse and their corners were able to stay on receivers. Wade Phillips’ defense game plan and stellar personnel was a key part of the Broncos success. They dominated the Packer offense all game, forcing Rodgers to throw only 77 yards for a game-high three-point score.

The Packers’ offense has struggled to produce on the road this year, and the quarterback has not been on his best form since his injury in 2013. It was a hectic season last year, and the Packers’ poor running game remains a concern. But the Broncos have the ability to keep up on the road, so they may be able to pull off an upset in this game.

Regardless of which team is on top, the Broncos have the most explosive defense in the NFL. On Sunday, the Broncos had 13 swarming defenses. Chris Harris was everywhere, Brandon Marshall was flying about and ruining screens, while Von Miller and DeMarcus ware created a quarterback vise. A Broncos win and a P*ts loss would give a great start to a season that might have otherwise been over by the end of last season.

The Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl 1990 by a score 22-13. The Packers were 0-4 in that season, and had not faced the Broncos in Lambeau Field. The Packers led by Brett Favre at halftime to a lead of 30-7, but the Broncos fought back with a last-minute comeback. To win, the Broncos had a late game comeback.

Despite the Green Bay Packers’ front-line holding Denver down, the Broncos didn’t give up any yardage. In fact, the Broncos managed to score three touchdowns by their running backs. Unlike in previous Super Bowls, neither team scored a sack against the Broncos’ front line, allowing them to make it to the end zone without getting sacked.

Packers Vs Broncos 2015
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