Patton Movie Cast

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The Patton movie cast consists of many famous and less well-known actors and actresses. You’ll find a complete listing below of the cast members of this historic war movie. The cast members’ photos will also be included if they are available. You can click on each one to learn more about them, including their personal lives. Interested in learning more about the Patton movie cast? Continue reading! Here’s a look at the movie’s cast and crew!

The Patton movie is about George C. Scott, an American tank commander who was a hero during World War II. The movie starts with his life in North Africa and moves on to the invasion of Germany and finally the fall of the Third Reich. The film also highlights many of Patton’s failings as well as his achievements. You’ll see why so much people admire him. Here are the actors who played the parts in the Patton movie.

Patton Movie Cast
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