3 Perks Of Living In The Mountains


There are many perks of living in the mountains. Just one perk is the beautiful views you get to enjoy every day no matter what time of year it is! You can see lush evergreen forests, fresh snow-capped peaks, and amazing wildlife that goes along with these magnificent views. If you like hiking, biking, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking, camping, climbing, canoeing, and just about any activity that is outdoors then you will love living in the mountains!

You may not know that some of the best ski resorts are also located in these mountain communities. If you like winter sports there are numerous ski resorts such as Whistler Blackcomb, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and Silver Star Mountain Resort that provide skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Not only do these resorts feature hills for skiing, but they also offer the best freestyle snowboards for renting should you choose to indulge in some winter adrenaline. They also include summer activities such as hiking and biking during the summer months.

Summer is just as amazing as winter in the mountains with all of the fresh air and greenery that is on display. Not only does it provide plenty of opportunities for recreation, but many homeowners also enjoy spending time in their yard gardening, picnicking, or just barbecuing with friends and family!

If you are considering purchasing real estate for sale in Whistler, keep these perks in mind. You may be able to enjoy all of these experiences with a quick trip up the mountain without ever leaving your own property!

Here Are The Three Perks You Love To Know

Inspiration To Be Active

It’s no joke that seeing stunning mountains is inspiring. While an ocean view or a cityscape maybe both be lovely and motivational, neither appears to cultivate the desire to swim laps or ascend many floors of a building. The feeling of being up high, free from everything, and able to see everything is beautiful. There’s something about the sight of mountains that just beckons the soul, as John Muir so eloquently put it. And this means hiking, mountain biking, and skiing are on the agenda.

Keep Trim Just By Living Higher Up

The world’s first climbers soon discovered that in order to fulfill the bodily demands of their ascents, their bodies and packs needed more food than usual. Even after the difficult trek, it wasn’t just the physical activity that consumed extra calories. It has been proved that by merely putting out energy at a higher altitude, the body burns additional calories. That is, if you look at it from one perspective, maintaining the weight off is simpler. That wonderful treat will not cause as much damage as it would in the hinterlands or near the beach.

The Smell Of Fresh Air

There’s a reason why city dwellers take a deep breath when they go outside. It has to do with the fresh air. Mountain life means breathing in constant quantities of cool, refreshing air. Clean air has been shown to have several health advantages, such as decreased asthma attacks. Two of the most essential components of overall good health are more sleep and fresh air.

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3 Perks Of Living In The Mountains

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