Pink Poodle Grooming

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With Kenchii Pink Puppy Shears, you can achieve the best in poodle grooming. This pair of shears, measuring 8.0 inches in length, will make it easy to cut through the coarse fur of your pet. They have semi-convex edges made from level 3 alloy, which will ensure that they keep their edge sharper for longer. They also have bold magenta-colored titanium blades!

A Pink Poodle Grooming Salon is located at 601 E 2nd St in The Dalles, Oregon. This salon specializes in breed clips and specialty cuts for your beloved pet. Grooming your pet will improve your pet’s appearance, reduce shedding, and promote health and general well-being. A team of professionals with the right training will take all necessary steps to make sure your pet looks its best. Pink Poodle Grooming also makes your pet feel better, and keeps fur from sticking to your clothes.

Pink Poodle Grooming
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