Pittsburgh Steelers 1988

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The Pittsburgh Steelers were one of the greatest teams in NFL history when they won Super Bowl XXVII in 1988. The team won four Super Bowl titles and had a perfect record. However, the Steelers’ first season was not all sunshine and roses. The Steelers traded Mike Webster for Dermontti Dawson in the second round of the draft. Dawson played alongside Webster throughout his rookie season, and it was clear that he was meant to be Webster’s replacement at center. Dermontti Dawson was appointed to replace Mike Webster by the Steelers in the offseason. In the offseason, the Steelers cut all ties with the four Super Bowl teams.

The Steelers finished the 1988 season with a 5-11 record. They went 4-4 at home and 1-6 on the road. The team allowed 421 points and finished with a -85 point differential. Overall, the Steelers had a -85 point difference, which was far worse than expected. There was a silver lining. The Steelers ended the season with a record that was better than it would have been without injuries.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1988
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