Places To Visit On Your Kuala Lumpur To Singapore New Year Trip

Places To Visit On Your Kuala Lumpur To Singapore New Year Trip

The year of the rabbit is here! Yes, the upcoming new year has a bag of surprises awaiting you. Of course, there is no better way to begin your new year than to escape your hectic, bustling city and discover newer grounds.

Begin your January by celebrating Chinese New Year as you take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Coming from a place like Malaysia that renders you a taste of the contemporary world mixed with local culture, you need a place that offers you diversity, cuisines, greenery, customs, and more. One such place is Singapore.

Why Visit Singapore?

When you imagine Singapore, you are most probably thinking about a futuristic city with clean streets and greenery. However, this tropical island located in the southeast of Asia will charm you with its cultural diversity, appetising dishes, stunning shopping malls, thrilling nightlife and more. All these special attributes will add to your Kuala Lumpur to Singapore new year trip.

Singapore is one of the most well-known attractions among tourists. There are numerous people that visit Singapore every year. However, visiting this place during the New Year makes it even more special.

Why Visit Singapore This New Year?

As the year of the rabbit promises to bring beauty and elegance, Singapore offers to bring you all of this and more. The Chinese New Year in Singapore will entertain you with major events. People start celebrating these festivities from the Chinese calendar’s last month’s last day and last till the fifteenth day of its first month.

From festive tunes to a colourful parade, reunion dinners to lion dances, there will be plenty of celebrations for you to enjoy. However, these are not the only reasons for planning a Kuala Lumpur to Singapore trip in January. This month in Singapore is known for its monsoon season and experiences the most rainfall.

You will not have to worry about the scorching sun, and the heat of the summers as the straits bring the breeze. The temperature measures from a minimum of 75.2 degrees to an average of 80.6 degrees, going up to 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are travelling on a budget, this is another reason for visiting Singapore during this time. You can save money by taking up excellent offers and budget-friendly deals when it comes to transportation, shopping, stays and more.

Best Places To Make Your New Year Memorable

Of course, the new year is the best time to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, given so many reasons. But what can you do once you are there? For your convenience, we have curated a list of places you can enjoy with your family, partner or friends during your visit.

Gardens By The Bay

Located next to the Marina Bay, this garden full of wonder is one you must not miss. From the diverse flora and fauna to the exemplary artistic structures that allow you to creatively admire nature. The beauty overflowing its 101 hectares of green space will engulf you.

If you are a nature lover, you will surely love to enjoy walking through the Bay East Garden and exploring the futuristic-looking structures of the SuperTree Grove. Its Cloud Forest Dome will also bring you the world’s tallest and most mesmerising indoor waterfall. You can drown yourself in the tranquillity of these gardens and get lost in their magical night light.

Universal Studios Singapore

A popularly known attraction among tourists is Universal Studios. This theme park is a great place to add to your trip from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore this new year. You can step back into your child’s fantasies and enjoy the freedom and entertainment this wonderland has to offer. From 24 stimulating rides and up to 7 theme zones for you to explore, this place is perfect for all ages.

River Wonders

Settled between the thrilling nocturnal world of Night Safari and the natural habitat of Singapore Zoo, you will find the mesmerising River Wonders. It is the home of all kinds of freshwater vertebrates, 260 animal species presented by more than 11,000 specimens, along with 400 species of plants. So if you are a fan of red pandas, this place deserves a place on your list.

Marina Bay Sands

One way to wind your night is by dining in the most luxurious Marina Bay Sands. Located in the heart of Singapore, this high-end location will be a dream come true. For your pleasure, you can enjoy its exclusive shopping centre, biggest infinity pool, panoramic views of the waterfront promenade, and so much more. This place will certainly be the highlight of your Malaysia to Singapore trip.


No other best way to spend your new year than taking a trip from Malaysia to Singapore. This tropical island will be the best to visit during the Chinese New Year, given the numerous celebrations and festivities.

Its stunning gardens, thrilling theme parks and luxurious experiences will give you the best memories. The monsoon rain, moderate temperature, and gorgeous places to visit will be the perfect mix for making your new beginnings magical.

Places To Visit On Your Kuala Lumpur To Singapore New Year Trip

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