Poet Salary in Your Home State

A poet salary can vary by state and location, and the following salary statistics will provide a general idea of the average annual income for this profession. To find out how much you can make in a specific area, simply select a state from the list below and click “Get Local Salary.”

Average Texas poet salary

A poet’s gross income in Texas is about $76,346, which is $37 an hour. This is $2166 less than the national average. But, Texas poets typically earn bonuses of an average $2,122. While the average poet salary in Texas is $54,445, this figure can be much higher for those who are more experienced. If you are in the middle or final stages of your career, you could earn as high as $94,367.

First, determine your state’s annual income to calculate your annual poetry income. Writers who have their work published by literary magazines often make more. Next, you should try to get more gigs. Besides, the ability to write poetry and perform stand-up comedy can also boost your income. However, it’s better to start small and aim high. You can start by trying your hand at stand up comedy.

Average poet salary in Lansing

While most people associate a career as a poet with financial rewards, the truth is that the average poet salary in Lansing is actually much lower than the national average. Many poets write for pleasure and don’t make a lot of cash. Many poets who are successful earn a salary of $75,000 annually as poetry professors. An artist-in-residence poet may receive a stipend, but this income is not typically derived while working.

Despite the fact that the average poet salary is lower in Lansing than in other Michigan cities, there are exceptions. In May, the average base salary of a Lansing poet was $46,387. Additionally, annual incentives, such as a yearly trip to Paris, make an average of $51,734 a year for the average Lansing poet. However, even this figure is modest when compared to the national average.

While the Lansing City Council previously rejected raises for city employees, it felt it was “important” to act this year. The increase would be equal to the pay of the city’s top five officials. However, the city council’s Committee of the Whole meeting tonight will decide whether or not to approve or reject the proposals. It will meet at 5:05 p.m., and again at 5:05 p.m.

Average New York City poet salary

The average New York City poet salary is $60,250. This is roughly what the middle 60% earn, while the top 20% earn $114,530. That means that for every paycheck a poet earns, he or she would pay about $2,098 in taxes. The bottom 40% of poets make significantly less. Poetry artists who work in the arts are often not paid unless they are an artist-in residence.

For example, if you’re a new poet and you’re unsure about what to do next, consider trying stand-up comedy. You can earn about the same as poetry by doing stand-up comedy, so take a look at its benefits. Just make sure you sit down and complete the article. It’s only a few hours per week, right? Then, if you’re still not earning as much as you deserve, you might want to consider writing for a literary magazine.

Poet Salary in Your Home State
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