Would A Post-COVID 19 Career Change Be Beneficial To Your Mental Health?


It’s been a testing two years for everyone on the planet, and especially those that have had their career derailed by the pandemic or have had to move to remote working at short notice and change the way they worked overnight. However, as time has moved on and remote working has become the norm, returning to the office can now provide more of a threat to employee mental health.

For that reason, you could be looking for a career change that will keep you out of the office from now on, and instead, take on a new role where you never have to commute, and you can simply work from wherever you open your laptop. With that in mind, here are some options you could consider if you are thinking of changing career lanes.

A Cloud Certified Professional

As you no doubt noticed while you were working remotely, the cloud has become central to how businesses run in the last 24 months. From an economic and security point of view, moving to the cloud has been universally recognized as a good movie, and this acceleration of companies using this resource has meant that those who work with and maintain cloud services are in demand.

Of course, you just can’t walk into many roles – but gaining an AWS certification by studying online around whatever it is you are doing now is a popular choice. AWS is the Amazon platform, and as such, it’s one of the most popular, and gaining a qualification here opens up a lot of possibilities, most of them home-based.

Virtual Assistant

Something you can go into straight off is working as a virtual assistant. What specifically you assist with (and how much you are likely to earn doing it) will depend on your current skill set, and using what you have learned in your current position can be very valuable.

You might not be able to get a full-time role immediately, but many ‘VAs’ will instead work a certain number of hours for several people to make up a full-time income. As you gain experience, you will be able to take on more challenging tasks or choose to specialize and add separate freelance paying ‘gigs’ for extra income.

Freelance Content Creator

If you’ve spent more than five minutes online, you’ll know that the amount of content on there is immense and that some of it are a lot better than others. For that reason, if you can write, or create infographics, make animated YouTube videos, or even flex your photoshop skills there is a market for what you have to offer.

This may have to start off with a few Fiverr gigs that don’t seem worth it for the money, but you are building a profile, a portfolio, and a reputation, especially if you keep meeting deadlines and prove yourself reliable.

To Wrap Things Up

If moving back to the office after so long away is likely to do your mental health no good at all, then a change of career could be the answer. By picking one of the growth areas of cloud services, virtual services, or content creation, you could find a new way of earning a decent wage, all while staying in your home environment.

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Would A Post-COVID 19 Career Change Be Beneficial To Your Mental Health?

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