Prayers For Morgan McAlexander

Many people around the globe began praying for Morgan McAlexander, 16, after the news of his car accident broke in December. The page quickly grew to more than five thousand followers. Many people are still unsure how to grieve for Morgan’s traumatic brain injury. Morgan’s story is inspirational, and the traumatic brain injuries can be fatal.

In December, Morgan McAlexander, a member of the Conway High School Lady Cats soccer team, was involved in a serious car accident. The Arkansas Children’s Hospital treated the 18-year old with a brain injury. The Conway High School team has decided to show their support by wearing bright pink shirts during their games. The jerseys feature a quote from “Lilo and Stitch” by Disney. In addition, the message “Play for Morgan” is written across the back of the shirts.

Morgan McAlexander is a freshman at Conway High School, where the Lady Cats soccer team is showing support for its injured teammate. She was involved in a fatal car wreck on December 17, and she is currently recovering in a hospital. The shirts feature a quote from “Lilo and Stitch” and “Play for Morgan” and were designed by her parents, coaches, and teammates.

Police say the driver of the truck swerved right into the motorcycle, which made the crash possible. The motorcycle’s front wheel struck the rear of Nasir’s truck and pushed Storm out of the car. The driver’s husband, Todd Storm, was unable to save his daughter, and began asking questions about the car wreck. He was riding his daughter’s motorcycle at time of accident and was shocked that it was so close her vehicle.

The Conway High School Lady Cats are showing their support for their injured teammate Morgan McAlexander. She was involved in a car accident last December and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was taken to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. She is able to walk and talk, but her injuries are serious. Although she is still in the hospital, she is doing better than expected.

After the car wreck, the police report revealed that the teenager suffered serious injuries. Her right arm and leg were crushed and she suffered from head injuries. She was wearing a helmet at that time. While the accident happened on a highway, the police are not sure who caused it. It is too early to know what caused it but the Conway High School Lady Cats have sported pink shirts in support of her. It features the words “PlayforMorgan” and “#PlayForMorgan” on it.

The Conway High School Lady Cats showed their support for their teammate, despite the loss and trauma she suffered. She suffered a brain injury in the December car accident and was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for treatment. She is now recovering from her injuries. To cheer her on and show solidarity, the team created a pink shirt. The pink shirt features a quote from the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” and the words “Play for Morgan” to help raise awareness.

After the accident, the Conway High School Lady Cats soccer team has created a pink jersey for Morgan McAlexander. The jersey includes a quote from the “Lilo and Stitch” movie. The team’s players also created a special jersey for Morgan. The hashtag ‘Play For Morgan” is printed on the pink shirt. This has raised awareness about the fight of the young girl for a better tomorrow.

To honor Morgan McAlexander, the Conway High School Lady Cats created a bright pink shirt. The jersey features a quote from the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” and the words “Play For Morgan” on the back. The Conway Lady Cats’ shirts will be worn at all their games and are made of a light and colorful material. People who know her will recognize her pink, heart-shaped shinny top.

Prayers For Morgan McAlexander
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