Prescott High School Soccer Takes on La Grande Junior Varsity

prescott high school soccer takes on la grande junior varsity 28082

On Wednesday, the Prescott High School Boys soccer team faced La Grande junior varsity. La Grande is a division four-A school in Oregon. After only four minutes, the team scored the first goal on Jonathan Cardenas. Jaime Escalante, who had missed the last alumni game was able to return to the field. The team improved to 12-3 on the season. The next game is Friday in Sumner. Here’s a look at the action.

The Prescott High School soccer team has been playing well in the playoffs and has been on a roll this year. On Tuesday, Prescott defeated Lee Williams 4-1. They are currently ranked first in Division 4 and play Bradshaw Mountain tonight. They are poised to continue their winning ways and are undefeated in the last three games. The team has now won 25 consecutive games in the region and are the defending Grand Canyon Region champions.

Although the team was 3-0 a week earlier, that doesn’t mean the season is over. The Thunderbirds finished their season with four consecutive wins and a record of 13-3 overall. They will play Trout Lake in Round 1 of the playoffs. A win would bring an end to a long season of Prescott High School soccer. This will be exciting for the fans. The Prescott High School boys’ soccer team is a good example of the power of the Arizona Preps.

Prescott High School Soccer Takes on La Grande Junior Varsity
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