3 Top Benefits of Protecting Your Brand with CyberSecurity


Based on information published by the Ponemon Institute, recent studies show the annual cost of data breaches in the United States is consistently rising. As of September 2020, the cost to businesses in the U.S. is estimated at about 7.9 million dollars.

Also, there is a lot of known and unknown devastation that comes along with these types of security breaches. For instance, here is a brief listing that many small and large businesses suffer from today:

  • loss of competitive advantage with others in your same industry
  • regulatory fines can be hefty based on each incident
  • staggering reputational damage — completely ruin a brand
  • business continuity disruptions

With this being said, you and your business can take advantage of a wide range of tried and proven ways to combat this problem. One of the most advantageous is looking into what a professional cybersecurity services provider offers. In fact, if you are interested in hiring an individual or a team to service your company, here are 3 of the top benefits that you can expect to receive.

Employees Receive Cybersecurity Training

According to additional information published by the Ponemon Institute, the incidents of cybersecurity risks are often tracked back to employee negligence. In fact, the present

numbers are 2 out of 3 security risks are often related to something that an employee has done.

On the flip side, whenever the employees in an organization are trained appropriately on Cybersecurity education, these incidents are drastically reduced. Therefore, whenever you hire a cybersecurity team to assist you with your plan, you and your organization can benefit from the dynamic awareness of these types of threats and the role that they play in eliminating the possibilities.

Team of Professional Dedicated to Security Your Company’s Networks and Data

Every business organization has its own particular concerns and issues within its own business operation. So, it is not always easy to incorporate cybersecurity risk monitoring into these same duties.

To eliminate these added responsibilities to your company’s core duties, hiring a cybersecurity services expert can easily benefit from a dedicated cyber security team. With a team of experts dedicated to the company’s needs, the cybersecurity strategy and campaign that is followed is always up-to-date with the latest information and trends.


Reduces the Potential of Costly Regulatory Risks

As you may already know, there are a certain amount of risks that come along with managing customer data privacy and security regulations. And, both small companies and large corporations are often subject to specific regulations that have been established by HIPAA, GDPR, and the CCPA. Therefore, if your company experiences a security breach that violates these regulations, the business can expect quite hefty fines. For more information on these types of cybersecurity regulations, you should visit https://www.nettitude.com/hk/.

To avoid these regulatory fines and other related issues, a dedicated team of professional cybersecurity professionals knows exactly what should be done to protect your organization in all three of these areas. Also, the security measures that they put in place are meant to be proactive and seamlessly corrected with any incident that may occur.

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3 Top Benefits of Protecting Your Brand with CyberSecurity

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