5 Frequently Asked Questions About International Family Law

International Family Law

According to data, marriages between Filipinos and foreigners account for 3.5% of the total marriages. If you are among these people then you need to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of international family law. These are laws that apply to families with an international element in them.

Most people aren’t familiar with these laws despite being in a relationship with a foreigner. Yet an international family law attorney will tell its best to acquaint yourself with these laws for amicable dispute resolutions.

So, what are the duties for international family law firms? Dive in for more information on the FAQs.

1. Can You Rely on International Family Law to Make Complex Decisions?

Getting into a commitment with a foreigner isn’t a walk in the park. There are key decisions that you have to make and they’ll have a bearing on the quality of your life.

Some of them are:

  • The procedures to follow before moving to a foreign country.
  • The legal ramifications of moving to a foreign country.
  • Whether to move to your country before instituting divorce proceedings.

An international family lawyer near you can help you get solutions to these questions. Their advice will be within the international legal framework to protect your rights.

2. Does International Family Law Recognize Prenuptial Agreements?

Yes, it does but an attorney has to establish which country’s law will be applicable in the agreement. Say you marry a foreigner from Australia living in New York with some business interests there.

An attorney has to determine which country’s laws will be binding before drafting the prenuptial agreement in this case. The determination is integral to make the agreement binding for all parties.

3. Can the Law Effect Foreign Divorces?

Divorce proceedings are fundamentally different in structure, form, and procedures in different jurisdictions. You have to consider the effects of these differences in your jurisdiction before initiating international divorce proceedings. Click here for recognition of foreign divorce services in the country.

4. Can the Law Resolve Child Abduction Cases?

The cases of international child abduction are on the rise. This is partly due to the frequent overseas travel by individuals in the contemporary world. International family law pays keen interest to these cases because of their gravity.

International divorce lawyers may be able to assist the victimized parent in several ways. For instance, by helping you to retain a local counsel in the foreign jurisdiction to follow up on the matter. Normally, these cases require coordinated efforts in multiple jurisdictions.

5. What About Assistance With Relocation Services?

An international family law lawyer will come in handy if you need to move to your spouse’s country of origin. Especially when a child is involved. In case a foreign spouse wishes to leave under dubious circumstances, you can rely on the law to prevent them from doing so.

Get Expert Advice

You can enjoy a fruitful marriage with a foreigner but only if you do it right. Making sure that you conduct the union under the guidelines of international family law is, therefore, paramount.

You’ll need to involve an international family law attorney in the process for the best results. The attorneys have a good understanding of the applicable family law for different cultures so they’ll give expert advice.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About International Family Law

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