Ralph Siegel fortune

Ralph Siegel is a German record producer and songwriter. He is one of the most notable characters in the Eurovision Song Contest, in which he has so far participated with 24 songs. How rich is Ralph Siegel?

Musician, composer. Born on September 30, 1945 in Munich, Germany. Ralph Siegel fortune is estimated at around 7 million euros. In 1982 the song A Bit of Peace by Siegel and Bernd Augener, performed by Nicole, won the competition and became a hit in Europe.

Bourgeois name: Ralph Siegel
Life partner: Laura Käfer (2016–)
Spouses: Kriemhild Siegel (married 2006–2016), Dagmar Weber (married 1992–2002)
Children: Giulia Siegel
Ralph Seal size: 1.88 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1966

What is Ralph Siegel’s net worth?
Ralph Siegel’s assets are currently € 7 million.

Music genres: Bat.
Is also often searched for: Udo Jürgens, Udo Lindenberg, Katja Ebstein, Hans Wehrmann.

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Ralph Siegel fortune

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