Rattlesnake Pasta – 54th Street Recipe

The original Rattlesnake Pasta recipe was created by Uno’s. This dish is similar to the original version, but adds a little intrigue. It is usually served over penne pasta and is made with two tablespoons of butter and chopped chicken. It has three main ingredients: penne, butter and chicken. This recipe calls for a fried rattlesnake.

The ingredients are all fresh. The tomatoes and jalapenos should be chopped or diced. The butter paste is made with flour, heavy cream and parmesan cheese. Then, you’ll add the spices and whisk them in to make a creamy sauce. Next, add the cooked pasta and season with salt to taste. If you want a little extra heat, you can add a slice of hot pepper.

Once the mixture is blended, add the sliced or diced jalapenos. To make the sauce, you’ll need half-and-half and flour. You’ll also need about 3/4 c shredded Parmesan cheese. This dish tastes best when accompanied by a cold beer. The best way to prepare it is to consult with the chef at the restaurant to find out how to make the most authentic version.

The original recipe can be made at home with a few tweaks. Using a flour paste will help to prevent it from getting too thick. Instead of using all of the butter and flour, you’ll use just a tablespoon of it. You can even substitute a quarter-cup of butter for the half-cup. Then add an egg and mix it all together. You’ll be ready to serve the Rattlesnake Pasta at your next gathering.

The main ingredients for this dish are jalapenos, a fried red pepper, and a tomato paste. This dish is best eaten when it’s served hot. It’s a spicy, cheesy dish that’s sure to please. It can be served with a side of slaw. When you’re feeling adventurous, try the rattlesnake pasta at your local eatery.

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For this authentic Rattlesnake pasta, diced or sliced jalapenos are added. The recipe is made with half, milk, and parmesan cheese. The spices are added to the cook’s sauce. Onions and peppers are added to the sauce after the sauce has been prepared. The ingredients are mixed with a fork and whisked in a pan.

Rattlesnake Pasta – 54th Street Recipe
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