Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Learn Spanish

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Knowledge of English in the modern world is simply necessary, but more and more often it is not enough for traveling, business, or employment in foreign countries. When choosing another language to study, people often lean towards Spanish. This language is beautiful, popular, and important to learn for everyone who plans to work or travel internationally.

Taking this into account, let us elaborate on why you need to start paying more attention to this language.

Why You Should Start Learning Spanish Today

Facts that showcase why Spanish remains an important language today are truly abundant. Below we will discuss 10 reasons why you should add Spanish lessons to your calendar.

1. Spanish is among the most popular languages ​​on the planet.

Here are some facts to prove this statement:

  • In terms of the total number of speakers, Spanish ranks second in the world, second only to the Chinese language.
  • It is recognized as an official language in 20 countries, as well as Puerto Rico.
  • Spanish-speaking countries’ geography is extensive. It includes Latin and Central America, Spain, as well as parts of France, Africa, the Pacific Islands, as well as the Philippines.

Important To Learn Spanish

2. Knowledge of Spanish will help you build a career.

The Spanish language can be useful for business or a career. It is the second most used language (after English) in international negotiations, as well as one of five official languages of the UN, which indicates its relevance in the world’s economic and political arena.

3. Spanish opens doors to Spain as well as Latin America.

Spanish is spoken not only by the inhabitants of Spain but also by the population of Central and Latin American countries, as well as the islands of the Caribbean. This means that people who know the Spanish language have great prospects in many countries of the world.

Important To Learn Spanish

4. Spanish can help you learn other languages.

If you master Spanish, it will be much easier for you to learn other Romance languages: Italian, French, Romanian, Portuguese, and Catalan (the official language of Catalonia). It’s a great starter Romance language due to its rather simple grammar and straightforward pronunciation.

5. Knowledge of Spanish broadens your horizons of travel.

Visiting new places enriches us both culturally and personally. Getting acquainted with unique local traditions, modern people can become true cosmopolitans. Spanish is used in such popular tourist destinations as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Barbados, Costa Rica. Communicating with locals in their native language is an additional opportunity to understand the culture as well as the spirit of a country and not feel so foreign there.

Traveling internationally is often associated with preparing a heap of different travel documents and translating them. You can use online language translation services if you need professional certified translations that will be accepted by foreign country’s authorities.

Important To Learn Spanish

6. Find new friends by learning Spanish.

Love for Spanish and Hispanic culture often leads to meeting some outstanding people. Just imagine being able to read and discuss “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Márquez in its original language, or dispute about creations of Picasso and Dali with local intellectuals, take various local classes or visit fun events alongside your new foreign friends.

7. Popularity of Spanish is on the rise.

The Spanish language has great prospects. According to experts, by 2030, 7.5% of the world’s population (about 535 million) and 20% of Europe will speak Spanish.

8. Learning Spanish in Spanish-speaking countries will be among your life’s most wonderful experiences.

Spain has a wonderful climate, friendly and sociable people, delicious food, beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage, and many opportunities for entertainment and other pleasant surprises that will make learning a language uniquely pleasurable.

Important To Learn Spanish

9. Knowledge of Spanish will introduce you to the world’s cultural heritage.

The Spanish-speaking world has a rich cultural heritage – its music, art, architecture, and literature are well-known all over the world. Heaving learned Spanish you can visit Mayan pyramids, enjoy Gaudí’s works, get acquainted with Velazquez’s creations and Goya’s paintings in Prado Museum, famous “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso in Reina Sofía Museum, visit Dali Museum, soaking in timeless art and culture like a local.

10. Many Spaniards struggle with English.

It is not a secret that Spain has been occupying leading positions among European countries that haven’t quite mastered the English language. Research shows that no more than 20% of the country’s citizens can effortlessly explain themselves in Shakespeare’s language.

Important To Learn Spanish

Mas Espanol, Por Favor

Now that your desire to study Spanish is supported by our many facts that showcase the impact of this beautiful language, you will find learning it more interesting than ever. Don’t leave your studies for the future – enjoy the benefits of speaking Spanish as soon as possible. You will not regret spending some time mastering this language, and will find yourself using it very often as you venture beyond the borders of your country!

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Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Learn Spanish

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