5 Reasons You Should Install A Copper Sink In Your Home

Reasons You Should Install A Copper Sink In Your Home

If you need a kitchen sink upgrade, look no further than copper. As a natural material, copper is durable and classic. You gain the functionality you need in your kitchen with a design appeal that never goes out of style. By looking closely at the various copper options available, you can tailor your choices to meet the kitchen designs you want for your home. With so many options to choose from alongside being an eco-friendly alternative to other sink material choices, why wouldn’t you go with a copper sink?

There are many reasons homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchens choose to use copper. From the flawless, aged design that accumulates over time to the heavy resistance to wear and tear, there are many reasons to love copper and to use it as your sink surface. You can even personalize the copper sink size you select to match your household needs for washing dishes. 

If you’re interested in upgrading to a copper sink, there are many reasons to do so. The most challenging part is deciding which copper finish is right for you. Read on to discover the true reliability of copper and why consumers everywhere are implementing copper sinks like those by CopperSmith Sinks into their homes. 

Copper Is Cleanly

If having a clean kitchen is something of significant importance to you, copper sinks are the way to go. Copper contains antimicrobial elements that help to kill off bacteria faster. In other words, a copper sink, in many ways, cleans itself! 

Additionally, the upkeep work for copper is minimal. You just need mild dish soap and water to clean it and a basic kitchen sponge. Any tarnishing that occurs adds to the natural patina and general embellishments that form over time, giving your sink greater value and more aesthetic charm. There may even be natural metal cleaning products you can use to reduce the amount of tarnish the sink develops over time. If you choose to purchase CopperSmith Sinks, you can speak with the team about the properties of copper to learn more about its natural cleaning capabilities and how these things lead to a cleaner kitchen for you. 

Scratches Are No Biggie

Even if you scratch copper, the scratches fade and blend in with the rest of the material after a little while. With self-healing capability, you don’t have to worry about paying for cosmetic repairs. The scratches will darken over time and fade into the color of the copper that you started with when you purchased your CopperSmith Sinks or similar. You can think of copper as you would any other natural material that patinas over time. 

Like Fine Leather, It Just Keeps Getting Better! The Best Part? You Can Control The Look You Want In Your Copper Sink. 

If you want a patinated look, you want to go with mild abrasives like a sponge and dish soap. If you want a polished, gleaming look, use steel wool and oxalic acid cleaners to keep things smooth. For either, you can protect your Copper sink with the coated look you like. 

You can use a copper sealer and protectant such as a liquid or a wax-based sealant to create a topcoat that seals in the finished look. This may need to be reapplied on a regular basis, but you won’t notice flaking as with other sink alternatives and the use of lacquer. For more personalization, note that every copper sink is perfectly complimented with matching copper hardware with the same finish and design aesthetic. 

No Long-Term Damages With CopperSmith Sinks

With copper sinks, you never have to be concerned with the possibility of rusting or cracking over time. Copper sinks by CopperSmith Sinks do not create either of these circumstances, even as time goes on. If you’re shopping for a sink that will outlast all of the pressure you place on it, copper is a go-to material choice specifically because it is damage resistant. Copper sinks such as those by CopperSmith Sinks are solid choices for families that eat from home frequently and accumulate a lot of dishes or those that just enjoy cooking from home. With copper keeping everything together, you’ll never have to worry about the stack of dishes damaging your sink over the holidays. 

Good For Your Skin

If you needed an excuse to hand wash your dishes- CopperSmith sinks have your answer: skin health! Keep your hands and skin looking younger by purchasing a copper sink by CopperSmith Sinks or similar. Since copper contains antimicrobial properties and elements that support collagen production, the more you use your sink, the more often you’ll take in bits of copper from your sink, which will help reduce signs of skin aging. Skin health is an added benefit if you’re using your copper sink as a workstation. You can have maintenance care with any chemical usage by offsetting these effects naturally by absorbing copper elements as you use your sink. 

Last For Lifetimes

Since copper is durable, it has the potential to last for centuries. You may never need to purchase another sink again if you choose to go with CopperSmith Sinks. As natural embellishments form over time, your sink will gain value, adding to your home’s value and even selling value if ever you choose to sell your home, or even just sell your copper sink to an antique shop! 

Indeed, antique markets are looking for antique copper sinks specifically! You can keep your sink in your family and pass it down from one generation to the next. Have you been searching for the perfect family heirloom? A copper sink by CopperSmith Sinks could be it. 

Get A Sink That’s Built To Last

Installing a copper sink is a serious option for those interested in a sink built to last. Don’t settle for alternatives that will only cause you to spend more money. Contact a copper sink company you trust like CopperSmith Sinks and purchase your ideal copper sink for a lifetime of reliability.

5 Reasons You Should Install A Copper Sink In Your Home

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