5 Reasons You Struggle to Fall Asleep and Solutions

Fall Asleep

Sleep is important for everybody’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, your body must get the rest it deserves. High-quality sleep will help you wake up with more energy and you can focus on your day ahead. However, many people struggle to fall asleep at night and it ends up affecting their productivity and focus the next day. Even after buying a new bed, quality purple mattress, and other things to improve their bedroom for better sleep, they still find it difficult to fall asleep. What could be the problem and are there any solutions? Below are reasons why you are not able to fall asleep and solutions that can help you improve your sleep situation.

1. Going through your phone before bedtime

This a habit most people have as they want to catch up on social media. It is a part of many night routines that have innocently affected sleep patterns. This is because it keeps you awake longer than you anticipated and the information you are reading makes you anxious making you restless. The light from the phone causes your brain to stay alert and thus you struggle to fall asleep. This also applies to other electronics like TVs, laptops, and others. For this reason, check your phone before you head to bed and if possible half an hour before your sleeping time. In this way, your mind gets time to calm down and you can sleep with ease. 

2. Thinking of the past and future

Thinking of the past and future

Do you find yourself stressing about the past or future once you are in bed? Many have experienced this and it can cause you to struggle with sleep. The mistake that you made at work during the day or the anxiety of how the future will turn out to be. All these stresses will only keep you awake and cause you to turn and toss in bed instead of sleeping. Since none of these circumstances are helpful to your sleep. Try jotting down your thoughts before you sleep or doing something relaxing, like meditating to keep your mind off any stresses. By doing this you sleep easily. 

3. Feeling pressured to fall asleep

Feeling pressured to fall asleep

Do you feel pressured to fall asleep immediately when you lie in bed? This happens especially if you have a busy schedule, and you fear you are not getting enough sleep. To avoid struggling with sleep, it should not feel like a duty you have to do. In a case where you cannot fall asleep immediately, resting in bed is better than thinking of why you are not sleeping. Avoid putting pressure on yourself to fall asleep as it will only make you anxious making you stay awake longer. Try reading a book, listening to music, or meditating to calm you to sleep and ease you off any pressure.

4. Watching something mentally stimulating

Watching something mentally stimulating

Watching a show before you go to bed can be something you love doing. However, it is best to avoid something mentally stimulating. As an example, try watching a sitcom that holds your interest mildly, instead of a high-action crime show. In this way, you have less to think about as you go to bed, and you will fall asleep faster. Optionally, you can decide to switch off all electronics an hour to bed and concentrate on a healthier and more relaxing sleep activity.

5. Lack of a sleep routine

Do you go to bed at different times every night? This may be why you are struggling to fall asleep as you do not have a sleep routine. When you have a sleep routine that you follow through, your body works best. Thus, falling asleep will become obvious like brushing your teeth. If this is the issue of your sleep troubles. Create a sleep routine and follow it through. Having a consistent sleep routine will improve your sleep health drastically.

To conclude, most of the struggles of sleeping are brought about by stresses in our minds. The above is some of the reasons why you struggle to fall asleep. If none of them helps, you could be suffering from a sleep disorder. In such a case, visit a sleep specialist to get further advice.

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5 Reasons You Struggle to Fall Asleep and Solutions

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