Red Blue Green Commander

As you can see, there are many ways to make this card work. Some examples are War’s Toll, Feline Ferocity, and Xenagos’ ability to double the power of any creature equipped with it. This article will cover some of the most interesting commander cards. Hopefully, you will find it useful in building a deck that will win you the game. You should also know the abilities of each creature.

War’s Toll

War’s Toll can be used to tap all your opponent’s mana and force him into an attack if he is unable or unwilling to cast a spell. This effect will cause all his creatures to attack, even those who can’t cast spells. In turn, your opponent will be forced to attack with every creature they control, leaving them with few defenders. This enchantment can be quite powerful, especially if your opponent doesn’t use mana production artifacts or creatures.

Your commander is Abomination of Llanowar. While his ability is less powerful in Standard Magic, it becomes more potent as the game goes on. It’s an excellent choice in a red blue green commander deck and will help you get tons of extra creatures on the field. There are plenty of ways to use Abomination of Llanowar. Here are some ways to use him in your deck.

Simic, the hexproof creature, is also a solid choice. It is a powerful creature that can deal with hexproof animals, but it also has a weakness in the color scheme. The red-blue-green commander is equipped with Simic and War’s Toll, a powerful enchantment. This enchantment will generate 1/1 bird tokens for every three mana you spend on it.

Feline Ferocity

The majestic Arahbo possesses the voice of feline power, empowering his ferocious allies to crush their enemies and gain superiority. Arahbo is a cat god and the father of all cats across the Multiverse. To defeat your enemies, you’ll join the feline kingdom. But beware! This game contains violence and violent content! If you’re not careful, you might end up getting killed!

Cats have been around for ages, but they don’t get nearly as much support from Magic: The Gathering as other creature types. Feline Ferocity Command 2017 aims to give cats a sense of identity and make them part of the tribe where “equipment really matters.”

This deck comes with a decent starting land base. It also includes fetcher Grassland, tap-land Elfhame Palace and the Commander standard Command Tower. It also has Path of Ancestry, a multi-colored land that comes into play if tapped. This card’s cost is one WG. If your opponent is facing a feline creature, use Arahbo’s second ability to trample enemies.


The Xenagos red, blue, and green Commander is a planeswalker. It costs four mana. This planeswalker’s starting loyalty is three, but it compensates for that with three great effects. The first of these is a +1, which rewards swarming your opponent’s field. Although the other two are disappointing, they are still very powerful.

An aggressive creature is something you should be looking for in a Xenagos card. This creature can easily kill your opponent. It also paints a target with its abilities. It can be tucked along with a variety of tutors, such as Chord of Calling or Worldly Tutor. Xenagos is a great commander choice in Red and Green, but you should be aware his weaknesses.

Fatties are a great option to help you get around the curve and find bombs later. For the most powerful Xenagos deck, combine Fatties with Lurking Predators or Oracle of Mul Daya to create the best combination of Fatties and Guild Feud. Fatties cannot be cast on the exact same turn. However, cheating cards can allow you to get more than one Fatte into play. Mosswort Bridge or Spinerock Knoll, for example, were great at getting multiple Fatties in play. But if you have Xenagos in play, activating them is trivial.

Xenagos has the ability to double any creature’s power

Xenagos the God of Revels, a Legendary enchantment that grants five-mana Red or Green Legendary enchantments, is available to you. If your devotion to Red and Green is seven, you gain six life, and this creature gains Haste at the start of combat. Xenagos can also gain +X/+X, Haste, Trample, and other abilities when combined with its other abilities. You can combine Xenagos and cards such as Firebreathing or Trample to maximize the benefits of this ability.

Xenagos’s ability is triggered once per combat. It triggers when a creature gains haste or doubles its power. This effect allows you to send your creature into the fray with incredible speed. Your opponent will have no chance to prepare for it and will have to hold their mana for it to be untapped. You can overwhelm your opponents with a card that doubles the power of a creature.

Your creatures can look absurd with Xenagos’s plus ability. With six mana per attack, he can deal up to 12 times the power of a creature for a single turn. If you’re lucky, he can deal 14 times its base power in one combat step. The combo is a surprisingly powerful one! Xenagos’s ability to double the power of any creature can be a game-winning one.

Valakut Awakening

Both Commander’s new greens are red and blue, and both draw well. While the green Omnath is great, red is more versatile with the Leyline Tyrant, a beast from Neheb, the Eternal. This enchantment can work in nearly any red deck, but Valakut Awakening doesn’t. The card’s other strengths lie in its ability to cycle your entire hand for 3 mana and its ability to remove all the creatures in your deck.

Valakut Awakening, unlike other modal lands can be used as a land in either the early or later game. When playing as a land, it can help you redraw large numbers of cards without sacrificing card advantage. Additionally, you can also dump a lot of cards into your graveyard, making it useful in red decks. But don’t get too excited. The value of Valakut Awakening goes way beyond its ability to replace land.

The Valakut Awakening is a rare multicolored creature card. It enters the battlefield tapped and can be cast or played as a land. The Valakut Stoneforge is a legendary creature but it is not the most commonly used card in the game. As such, the deck needs to be constructed carefully in order to make it effective. Otherwise, it will be useless.

Mind Seize

The precon for Red Blue Green Commander Mind Seize deck contains a lot of expensive spells. The commander is a 3/1 unblockable wall and Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge is a high-cost spell. Jeleva also counts the mana you spend casting the Commander, and that mana shows up in your next deck. The most popular Commander was Nekusar, the Mindrazer, but True-Name Nemesis made waves and became an integral part of Legacy format.

Explosion // Expansion

The Red blue and green commander explosion and expansion adds a new ability for Magic: the Gathering: The Card Game. The Explosion spell copies all instant and sorcery spells that cost four mana or less and deals damage to all targets. This ability is also useful against the Burn element, as it can destroy lands and summon elementals. However, the red card isn’t a great choice for your Commander.

Red Blue Green Commander
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