Red Bordeaux CBD Strain

Red Bordeaux CBD is a rich, silky hemp strain that has a strong aroma and tastes like fresh-cut strawberries or lavender. It is also compliant to the 2018 Farm Bill. Although some reports claim that the strain has less than 10% CBD (some reports have it at less than 10%), lab certificates provided by marijuana seed sellers show that the strain has more than 20% CBD. It is therefore a great strain for outdoor cultivation. Red Bordeaux cannabis seeds have a high CBD content that is sufficient to meet your needs and remain legal in most states.

Red Bordeaux’s CBD content is high at 9.50 percent. This makes it suitable for recreational and medical use. This strain is great for indoor and outdoor gardening and is extremely resilient. Outdoor farmers can harvest the flowers within eight to nine weeks. They will grow to seven feet tall, despite being small. Their leaves will be pale green. They are also great for extraction. Red Bordeaux CBD is one of the most well-known CBD seeds.

Scientists found that distilled hemp biomass contained more CBD than non-distilled. The three main EO constituents, THC, and CBD-A, were similar but in different ratios. Distillation converted most of the THC-A in the plant to THC, reducing the total THC content. Despite its small yield, Red Bordeaux CBD grows fast. It will produce up to 2500 lbs of hemp per acre in 8 to 9 weeks.

This CBD strain is an early-maturing cultivar with a strong terpene profile and sweet cheese notes. It also has subtle cherry hints. Its terpene profile is rich and complex and the resulting end product is highly relaxing. This CBD-rich strain is ideal for a relaxing evening before bed. Moreover, some consumers use CBD oil to treat epilepsy and stress. It can also be used to treat medical marijuana.

Cherry Bubblegum is another great strain for beginners. It has a low THC content and performs well in various climates. Its buds are bright green and contain pink pistils. It is ready to harvest in late September and early October. Its feminized seed produces the highest yields. It is a great choice for biomass production due to its high resin content. This strain produces beautiful flowers which are easy to smoke.

Red bordeaux and umpqua CBD strains have higher levels of terpenes than other cultivars. T&H, RB, & Umpqua have lower CBG/EO concentrations. These strains are the best for medicinal purposes. They are also known to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The Umpqua strain has a higher CBN concentration than other strains. Although it yields similar amounts of CBG to the Umpqua strain’s, T&H’s is much more stable.

Red Bordeaux CBD Strain
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