Top Resources for Cisco 400-007 Exam Preparation. Can Exam Dumps Add Value to Your Preparation?

Cisco 400-007 Exam Preparation

Cisco accreditations are well-appreciated in the IT world and, especially, in the networking sphere. Holding any of their accreditations implies that you have the necessary education and practical skills to Cisco 200-301 CCNA real-world tasks. However, to achieve the desired certification, you need to go through a rigorous exam process requiring adequate preparation.

This post delves into the top resources that you can use to prepare for the Cisco 300-410 ENARSI. Before enumerating the important preparation options, we’ll assist you to comprehend the exam’s critical details. Proceed with reading to know more.

Test Details

Cisco 400-007 is a written test that is also called Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI v3.0. Passing this qualifying test takes you closer to the expert-level CCDE accreditation. The evaluation checks your expertise in gathering and clarifying network functional demands, developing network designs that meet functional requirements, and developing execution plans. It also evaluates your capacity to convey design decisions as well as their rationale. The subjects that you need to get familiar with before appearing for the Cisco 350-401 ENCOR include design for business strategy, network design, security design, service design, as well as control, data, and design for management plane.

The certification test has a duration of 2 hours and is available in the English language. To register for the assessment, you need to pay a fee of $450, plus tax. After clearing it, there’s another 8-hour long lab evaluation to deal with. This will ensure you eventually achieve your CCDE certificate.

Top Resources for the Cisco 400-007 Preparation

Picking up relevant study materials is an important part of preparation for any certification exam. Here are the top resources to use while preparing for the 400-007 test:

  • Exam’s official webpage

The official webpage for the Exam-Labs offers vital information that will dictate the direction your preparation takes. That’s why the website should be your first stop before you can do anything else. You’ll find essential information regarding the test’s structure and content there in addition to available preparation options.

  • CCDE study guide

The CCDE official study guide for the 400-007 test is authored by Marwan Al-shawi. This is a popular resource putting all the needed concepts into the right perspective. Using this guide, readers will be able to comprehend the important principles and concepts and then apply them during their test as well as their day-to-day job tasks. You can access it either through or Cisco Press Store.

  • Training library

The training library is another top resource offering complete, interactive courses for the 400-007 exam. It is represented by digital courses tailored to meet the needs of learners in different areas. They include video lectures, hands-on labs, and task-based training that you can utilize to strengthen your design skills.

  • Exam dumps

Exam dumps are among the top resources that enable you to consolidate you’re gained knowledge and measure your progress. These are files with questions and answers shared by previous exam takers, developed and put together by Cisco CCIE Enterprise. Practicing with dumps, you build your confidence and become familiar with the question formats that you will meet during the actual exam. You’ll be able to identify and work on some of your most challenging areas so that you face the real test without any stress.


The resources outlined in this article will help you prepare for the Cisco 400-007 test in the most effective way. They allow you to master your skills and boost your confidence. So, ensure to include these materials in your preparation plan to enhance your chances of success. Good luck!

Top Resources for Cisco 400-007 Exam Preparation. Can Exam Dumps Add Value to Your Preparation?

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