Resting Grinch Face Shirt

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Get the resting grinch face shirt to relive the magic of Christmas with friends and family. This black raglan tee with contrast sleeve design features a graphic of the Christmas curmudgeon. The classic fit of this shirt will make you look stylish all year long. This shirt will ship within two weeks. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it before the big day. But first, get your hands on this shirt, because it’s not something you’ll be getting anywhere else.

This resting grinch face shirt is available in two different styles – sweatshirt and t-shirt. The sweatshirt version features the grinch face, and is made of a tri-blend fabric to be soft to the touch. The shirt is available in several colors, including red and green, and may differ from the computer mockup. If you’re looking for a more casual option, you’ll find many different t-shirts with this design online.

Resting Grinch Face Shirt
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