Roderick Adams

Roderick Adams

Adams’ research interests span spatial narrative and culture, design anthropology and contextual design futures. To explore these subjects further, he hosts international design masterclass workshops which foster fresh interrogations of the design process while integrating new research knowledge into professional practice.

Adams worked a night shift as trash manager at the Mall of America before clocking in at Herberger’s to place security tags on clothes. A conviction from his youth prevented him from renting an apartment.

Early Life and Education

Adams was born in Panama City, Florida and raised in Columbus. After attending Central Academy in Macon he briefly worked as a deck hand on a tug boat along the Columbia River and enjoyed fishing and hunting as hobbies.

At 17, Rod Adams was arrested for selling marijuana in St. Paul. At that time, possession of 1.5 ounces or less constituted a misdemeanor; however, Adams was charged with committing a felony since he was still considered juvenile when the act took place.

Adams began her academic career at Loyola University’s Center for Inner City Studies as research director before being hired to direct it at Northeastern Illinois University. While leading these organizations, Adams developed community programs aimed at encouraging neighborhood growth and self-sufficiency.

Professional Career

Adams currently serves as talent acquisition leader at PwC and leads a team responsible for entry-level and experienced recruitment across Trust Solutions and Consulting Solutions as well as all recruiting-related operations, systems and strategies.

He has also served as a college baseball coach at Howard Payne University and Cortland Crush of the New York Collegiate Baseball League, coaching Kelby Weyler (2020 TCL Batting Champion from Lamar University) who worked closely with him as well.

As a professional wrestler, Adams competed against Ric Flair and Brutus Beefcake. Adams helped shape Stone Cold Steve Austin’s fighting style by popularizing his superkick finisher during matches; additionally he created with Hernandez a gimmick which later adopted by Brutus Beefcake himself.

Achievement and Honors

Adams has earned numerous honors throughout her career. As the inaugural Director of Research for Northeastern Illinois University’s Center for Inner City Studies (CICS), she oversaw programs designed to promote community development and revitalization while building key community partnerships over an eight year period.

She served as professor at Loyola University Chicago for two years and executive director of the DuSable Museum of African American History from 2009 until 2013. Throughout this time she received numerous research awards and grants; this recognition earned her the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa key.

Adams has been coaching professionally in the NBA for eight seasons and has worked with teams including San Antonio Spurs, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trail Blazers, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Golden State Warriors. Under Adams’ watch his teams have made 19 NBA Playoff appearances and four championship victories during that period.

Personal Life

Roderick Adams was an amateur athlete throughout his life who competed with humility and good sportsmanship. He participated in high school basketball, local Y-League teams and church league softball. Additionally, Roderick wrote screenplays for TV and movie projects such as Agent of Influence and Tango Duro (based on Ian Adams’ novel about Che Guevara’s companera Tania) as well as screenplays for movie scripts such as these.

He leaves behind his mother Phyllis Gathrite Harris of Long Beach, CA; son Mr. R. Boardman Adams III from Columbus; daughter Judy Adams with husband Michael of Kerense, TX; grandchildren; great-grandchildren and an extended family and circle of friends who will miss him dearly. Additionally he was an organ donor whose sacrifice saved five lives – we will remember him fondly!

Net Worth

Adams is estimated to be worth an estimated $75 Million. He earned much of this wealth through his professional career as an actor, celebrity spokesperson, investment income and salary payments.

He works for Adams Chetwood Wealth Management LLC in Durham, North Carolina as a financial advisor and holds both Series 63 and 65 licenses to operate as a Registered Investment Advisor Representative.

He prefers to remain discreet about his personal life and does not wish to give the media any insight into it. He is currently single and plans on remaining so. He enjoys close relations with both of his children – a son and daughter whom he considers close. Additionally, he is an avid follower of sports.

Roderick Adams
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