The Roles and Responsibilities of a Manpower Agency

Roles and Responsibilities of a Manpower Agency

For every action, there is a reaction – a common saying in the field of chemistry and often stumbled upon in philosophy too. Duties are bound to be fulfilled because of the responsibility that comes with it, a package deal. This way of conduct is a norm within the field of commerce and business, especially in partnerships and collaborative works. Say for a manpower agency to contact one of their clients and upon a mutual agreement for contract work, the agency is bound to provide suitable candidates that the client demands. If there are any mishaps or inconveniences with the whole setup the agency is responsible for handling the situation.

A manpower agency is also called a staffing agency, due to its use of managing manpower and delegating employees to employers. There are different types of manpower agencies according to the field of business, such as medical services, construction work, contract workers, and so on. This is another great way of supplying work and pay for employees on a scalable platform. The platform finds out the best manpower agency for companies and industrial brands for their regular supply of manpower. These employees are chosen according to the skills required by the client. People are the most essential asset that a business has, without a proper well-functioning recruit system the business fails to grow its potential.


Business owners who seek adequate staffing prefer staffing agencies that are dependable, some offers have temp manpower which is great for temp jobs whereas some manpower agencies provide manpower for specific sectors only. On the other hand, there are business owners or companies who wish to look over the candidates they wish to hire directly through in-house interviews and screening, this process is recommended if your company has the resources and time to host a recruitment period. E days there are many capable manpower agencies that can do the same inefficient fashion.

These Agencies are Useful When…

  • An urgent need for large recruitment of skilled workers for a short term project occurs
  • The business is seasonal and does not need people for a whole year
  • The client requires a highly rated professional with specialized skills
  • There isn’t enough resources or contacts to round up needed candidates
  • Business owners prefer to hire people with lower recruitment costs. Such instances are seen in large HR departments, worker insurance, etc.

These agencies are well known for their roles in filling up spots during dire times, they work at speed and line up the best-suited candidates for the job! On-the-spot demands are often fulfilled by staffing agencies as sudden projects and tasks come up.

The Basic Responsibilities Manpower Agencies Typically Have

  • As mentioned in the beginning, the agency handles any staffing problems and comes up with a solution
  • The agency should know the volume of staffing the company needs, otherwise, this can cause a lot of confusion and havoc
  • They should provide the workforce according to the workload needs, providing too few workers or too many leads to finding more or cutting off employees which is not the ideal situation to improve your agency’s reputation
  • To conduct structured interviews and shortlist potential candidates, a strict screening process is required to provide the best for the clients
  • Perform background checks and the professional history of potential candidates, some clients may not prefer an amateur or the other way around
  • Draw contracts and address legal issues to both sides of the recruitment process, it is important to note the details of legal action and lawsuits before jumping right into the job
  • Integrating training sessions in case the candidates don’t meet the full requirements, though it depends on the client’s requirements
  • Perform a follow-up evaluation to check on the candidates’ progress, to make sure the candidates are well-groomed for the job.

The agency is responsible for the overall performance and status of the placements, if there are any specific requirements they should be able to fulfill their duties without much compensation.

Roles of Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies have different kinds of roles as there are wide scopes in both public and private sectors, they fulfill the demands in each of the following sectors,

Contract Employment

These are also called short-term placements due to the short duration of work offered in the contract, it is somewhat temporary and is mostly used when there is an immediate need of manpower. The seasonal and temp requirements come under this category of employment. There are legal issues to be sorted and the contract is fortified after the process.

Long Term Placements

Here, the long-term prospects of the company come into play. The sort of recruitment in skill and scope depends on the long-term plan of the company, through milestones and intermediate goals. This type of employment is used when there is a new department in the company when current employees retire or are absent for a long period of time due to maternity or sabbatical reasons.


This is another short-lived placement but combined with a factor of trial. The chosen candidates are given to work under certain conditions for a limited duration and they should meet the criteria before the trial ends. Then if the candidates pass the trial and are deemed fit for work, they are shifted to become permanent employees under the hiring company.

With the increase in business too, people are more in demand. The clients look for people whose skills match the job description, so many lines of work like digital marketing which are on-trend are favored by businesses.


With the increase in business growth and customer demands, eager workers are everywhere these days. It is up to the manpower agencies to know the population and differentiate them into specific areas to make their search simpler. These agencies should have a flexible scope for almost all sectors and they do depend on the list of contacts, personal and professional.

Manpower agencies are important for companies interested in hiring professionals and workforce’s in different locations, they are differentiated into two types – insourcing and outsourcing. According to the plans of the company, they choose one or even both options to build their workspaces. Many companies and brands now seek out to hire the best bunch of people from the best manpower agency.

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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Manpower Agency

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