Rustic Architecture: Synonym of Timeless

Rustic Architecture

In this post, we talk about rustic architecture and how it is the type of architecture that best resists fashions and the passage of time.

How many times have we entered a house, a shopping plaza or a hotel and we can guess that it was built a few decades ago, between 1970 and 1990. Sometimes it is enough to take a look at the imitation concrete porcelain floor to realize it.

But, when we enter a place with rustic architecture, we do not perceive the passage of time or we cannot so easily determine when it was built.

Observing any construction, one can intuit the architectural current to which it belongs, and with this, relate a little to what the country was going through in its time.

Architecture is a reflection of its society and environmental conditions. Therefore, it is possible to assume the level of stability that the population had in the face of the country’s situation, and from there to analyze the conditions of security, employment, education, housing, the environment, among others.

A repressed and insecure society will have a closed city, with barriers, and increasingly dividing the population. When a society feels free and at peace, it opens its windows, having a harmonious relationship between people and both public and private spaces. Architecture adapts and faces what society demands of it.

How is the passage of time perceived in buildings?

Works are designed to be at the forefront and to fit in with their surroundings, thinking that they will have a permanent positive assessment of their aesthetics, but as time passes, it is seen how trends are changing, what was previously perceived as novel, now it is considered archaic, giving a character to the architecture of its time.

In addition to the architectural forms, where trends are noticed, the materials are a clear reference, in them, you can see the passing of the years, as well as the interpretation in the veins of the trees; for example, in the types of doors, floors, lattices, flattened, glass, a combination of materials, etc.

Of course, although the furniture is not per architecture, they are a complement of this and show important details to understand their time.

What do these materials have in common? Which are invented by man. Few materials from nature continued to be used in cities.

From the industrial revolution, construction with steel and its derivatives, reinforced concrete, and glass was promoted. The use of these materials became indispensable from the second half of the 19th century.

Rustic architecture over time

When looking at a rustic construction, how easy is it to calculate the year of its construction? According to the RAE, “rustic” means that it belongs to or is related to the field.

In architecture, we can translate it into work with materials that we find in nature, such as stone and wood, or, composite materials such as tile, partition, adobe, cyclopean concrete, etc.

As already seen, the year of construction of work is usually estimated, by the relationship of its materials and architectural composition, but when a house, for example, was built with natural materials, these are not linked to any period of time, therefore, it becomes timeless.

Materials from nature will never go out of style. Rustic architecture is characterized by giving warmth to those who inhabit it.

The highlighting of the stone texture, combined with the smell of wood and plants, the contrast of light colors to give space with dark tones to highlight materials and create warm environments, the harmonious mix of the house with the vegetation, the play of lights to highlight textures and elements, use of natural lighting, winds, and water depending on the site, make an experience more in contact with nature. Being in such a place, you lose track of time.

In the end, human beings are one with nature. Living a rustic work reminds us of our roots, a world without industrialization.

Connecting all our senses with what this type of architecture offers us, makes us know that intimate relationship between mother nature and man.

Rustic Architecture: Synonym of Timeless

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