Saints Vs Patriots Super Bowl

Saints vs Patriots: Here’s what we can expect from Sunday’s super bowl. Although the Saints are expected to win the Super Bowl this year, the New England Patriots may still win if the Rams play better. The Rams finished the game with just three points, and their offense was led by career passing yard leader Drew Brees. The Saints’ offense often scored 30-40 points, and even their coach admitted that they felt outcoached.

While both teams are favored to win this year, both teams have flaws. The Saints are better at moving the ball, while the Rams have a weaker second. The Seahawks also have home field advantage, but their Qwest Field is notoriously loud and could end up against them. The Saints are also better at moving the ball and are more equipped to win the Super Bowl without having a good defense.

New Orleans’ defense seemed to be ineffective during the first half, and the Patriots didn’t get into a rhythm for most of the game. The Saints capitalized on that and smothered the Patriots’ run attack, allowing only 49 yards on 2.9 yards per carries. Chandler Jones was also not protected by the Patriots’ offensive line. Jones was hit 11 times, sacked twice and had three turnovers.

Since 2001, this is the first time that both teams have had first round byes. Both Super Bowls saw first-round byes. In between, three other Super Bowls had one team play the whole game and won, and in 2006, the Patriots became the third team to win the Super Bowl after trailing at halftime. And they were the first team to do so without a first-half touchdown.

The Saints vs Patriots Super Bowl is a must-watch. The game will determine which team is more talented in the playoffs. New Orleans finished with an 11-5 record, and the Saints were robbed of defending the league championship. The game became the center of a bounty scandal involving New Orleans Saints. In June of 2012, the NFL found that several Saints defenders were operating a slush fund to pay bonuses to players for infractions or in-game performances.

The Chiefs’ defense was mediocre in the regular season. They were only 26th in defensive DVOA and 32nd against the rush. Although the pass rush was effective at times the Saints’ offensive lines did a great job protecting the quarterback pass-wise. If the Saints’ offensive line can hold off Dee Ford at tackle, they’d be eating up the Chiefs’ pass rush. The Saints’ offense, on the other hand, should easily outscort the Chiefs by two touchdowns.

At halftime, the Indianapolis Colts trailed 10-6. In the second half, the Saints recovered an onside kick and went on to score a touchdown on a Pierre Thomas 16-yard touchdown reception. The Indianapolis Colts responded with a four-yard touchdown run by Joseph Addai and closed the deficit to 17-13. The Saints won the game with 18 unanswered points. The Patriots were awarded the Super Bowl MVP.

Saints Vs Patriots Super Bowl
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