Sascha Hehn fortune

Sascha Hehn is a German actor who has worked in many feature films, TV shows, modern plays and the synchronization of major international cinema productions for a German-speaking audience. How rich is Sascha Hehn?

Actor. Born on October 11, 1954 in Munich, Germany. Sascha Hehn fortune is estimated at around 8 million euros. Even as a schoolboy he worked successfully as an actor. His many early roles included numerous appearances in German feature films. He also became internationally known for his portrayal of Baron Gottfried von Cramm in Poor’s rich girl – The Story of Barbara Hutton.

Bourgeois name: Alexander Josef Alberto Hehn
Parents: Albert Hehn, Gardy Artinger
Life partner: Gloria Krass
Siblings: Jeannette-Micheline Hehn, Michael Datzig
Sascha Hehn size: 1.92 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1959

What is Sascha Hehn’s net worth?
Sascha Hehn’s assets are currently € 8 million.

Sascha Hehn Films and TV shows: The Black Forest Clinic, The Dream Ship, The Dream Ship: Cuba, Cruise to Happiness.
Does he play alongside: Heide Keller, Gaby Dohm, Nick Wilder, Christine Neubauer.

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Sascha Hehn fortune

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