Secure PDF: How Does PDF Watermarking Help

PDF Watermark

From a broader perspective, we can see that most modern demands are high in the computer and online industry. Although conventional jobs still keep the community functioning better, online jobs involving electronic files are at their peak when it comes to higher compensation nowadays, especially with the 2020 pandemic that pushed everyone to work at home.

To cope with these drastic changes, we must not allow age differences and less-techy characteristics to become a hindrance. We must continue to learn and dig deeper about these electronic files and how to manage them through web-based platforms. PDFs are at the top of the most used electronic files, and we need to learn more about them to manage them better. 

What Does Watermarked PDF Mean?

A watermarked PDF is basically a PDF with a personalized stamp. The watermark may be positioned in front or back of the page, depending on preference. It is essential to learn how to add watermark to PDF online because most work cases are to be submitted or transferred online. We will also discuss which web-based platform to use to add a watermark. 

Of course, we can never be complacent when we upload and distribute our electronic files online. Although there may be secured websites, most of the common webmail platforms can be vulnerable to technical users who wish to seek our confidential records. These factors are to be considered why we need to watermark our PDFs and protect them with passwords. 

Securing and Signifying Ownership To Your PDFs

The modern digital age centralizes the extensive usage of social media platforms. Some may not agree with these social media addictions, but it is a fact, and they do hit dopamine differently. With these addicting platforms, some tend to use them abusively for likes and attention. They could also gain monetary benefits by having thousands of subscribers and likers. 

These abusive users can grab and share your file without your consent. They will not give credit to your original content, whether you like it or not. However, you can watermark your PDFs to secure them as your own as you signify your electronic files’ solid ownership. Whether you ink a text or image watermark, this can prevent these abusive users from grabbing them. 

Using Web-Based GoGoPDF To Watermark PDFs

The primary reason why it is essential to learn how to use these online PDF tools is convenience. You need not go to any computer shops or hassle yourself by going home and turning on your desktop to process your PDFs. In this modern, fast-paced corporate world, we need web-based platforms that can perform tasks swiftly and efficiently. 

Unlike the conventional ways of desktop PDF processing, you can open, read, and edit your PDFs with just a few taps. Yes, you can also do these processes on your mobile phones! Thanks to these new online platforms like GoGoPDF. You can add a watermark to your PDF anytime and anywhere. Establish a good internet connection, and you are good to go. 

Using this web-based GoGoPDF to watermark your PDFs is pretty straightforward. You can use any web browser, depending on your preference. On the GoGoPDF home page, you will see the “Add Watermark” option, where you can ink your PDFs in just seconds. Tap this option and upload your PDF by tapping “Select a File.” Manual upload or drag and drop depends on you. 

After uploading your PDF, you can select the positioning of your watermark. Then, you can start typing your watermark if you prefer a text watermark. On the other hand, you can upload your company logo or personalized icon if you wish to add an image watermark. After a few seconds, you have a newly watermarked PDF that you can download and share! 

Protecting Your Confidential PDF Records

Provided that you now have a watermarked PDF, you can directly add extra protection to your confidential records by adding a 128-AES bit encryption protocol using GoGoPDF. Although your PDF file is already secured with your personalized watermark, they can still read and view your PDFs. This option is your best choice to keep your private data highly protected. 

Encrypting them with solid password-protection closes your file from all unwanted users. Only authorized personnel who have the password or passcode can access your locked PDF. Make sure that you combine capital letters, numerical, and symbols to create a more strengthened password for better PDF protection. This “Protect PDF” is also on the GoGoPDF main page. 

In A Nutshell

Although this article primarily focuses on PDF security by adding watermark and password-protection, GoGoPDF has a lot more to offer. You will find more PDF editing tools in this web-based platform and take advantage of them for free! If you need an efficient PDF converter, compressor, or editor, check out GoGoPDF. 

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Secure PDF: How Does PDF Watermarking Help

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