Send Love With Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Say you have this friend that has everything in the world, and his or her birthday is approaching. The friend lives several states away, and you are tired of sending a greeting card with a gift card enclosed. You want to send something more personal. You want to send something unique that he or she may never have received via delivery before. The obvious choice of mail-order gift may not be ice cream, but it should be. When searching for the best way to send love in a package, ice cream should top the list. And don’t fret — sending love via ice cream is not just for birthdays. It can work any time you want to show someone you care.

Send Birthday Wishes With Ice Cream

Two of the most common things at a birthday party are ice cream and cake. Even if you are miles away from the celebration, by having ice cream delivered to the party, you can feel as if you’re a part of the festivities. And to be sure, the receiver will feel the love and thoughtfulness of your gift. Ice cream arrives specially packaged so that it is just as cold and just as solid as when it leaves the maker. Many flavors and package sizes are available to fit any taste and crowd.

Send Condolences With Ice Cream

While it may seem incredibly out-of-the-ordinary to send ice cream to someone who is grieving a loss, this gift is tailor-made to brighten a day regardless of the circumstance. Especially considering that often households experiencing loss receive unexpected company, sending any type of food is appreciated. Often, variety packs of smaller containers of the treat are available to send. In this way, hosts can turn this gift into a fun taste-testing activity to move everyone’s minds off the current sadness and toward a bit of joy. Think of the gift not as irreverent by any means, but as a signal to your friend or loved one that you want to insert some happiness into a sad time.

Remind Someone That You Care

Finally, another optimal time to send ice cream is when you want to remind your child or a far-away friend that you’re thinking of them. A care package of ice cream is perfect for that homesick child. Sure, a greeting card shows your love, but ice cream is a reminder of how much you want him or her to be happy. Don’t forget recent graduates who may have moved into their first solo living experience or who are starting a new, unfamiliar job. Ice cream is a great way to help someone feel a little less lonely.

In short, don’t forget how many options there are to send love via delivery service. While cards and flowers may be more traditional choices, ice cream is a more original and novel way to reach across the miles and let someone know you care. Let that special flavor add some joy to a party, subtract some sadness from a grieving household, or remind a lonely someone that they are not alone.

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Send Love With Ice Cream

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