Shaq Shoes Signed by Shaq O’Neal

If you have been waiting for a chance to own an authentic Shaq shoe, you’ve come to the right place. This is your chance to own a signed Shaq Pump Shoe. You can now purchase the Reebok version Shaq’s most iconic shoe. It has been signed by Shaq using a black pen on the left. UDA guarantees that the shoe is authentic. It is a size 22 shoe and signed by the NBA legend himself.

There are only ten pairs of autographed Shaquille Ol’Neal basketball shoes. Each pair of signed Shaq O’Neal shoes is very rare and is a perfect memento of a great moment in Shaq’s life. A pair of the shoes can also be purchased with the number 34 on it. These shoes will be a treasured recollection for many years.

During his 2006 season with Miami Heat, Shaquille O’Neal signed his Shaq Shoes. O’Neal was part of the team during O’Neal’s first championship season. His name is printed in many places on the shoe, including the inner heel. The shoe also features the Lakers logo and his number. The shoes were extremely popular during the championship season of the Miami Heat, a team that is very popular in the NBA.

Despite the controversy over the shoes, Shaq’s shoes continue to sell even after his contract with Reebok expired. After signing a contract worth $15 million for five years, the NBA star decided to play for free and try out different ideas before signing a deal with a shoe company. His shoes became a hot item and a must-have. During the 1980s, basketball shoes were so popular that many celebrities bought them. The prices ranged from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars for the most popular models. It is no wonder that basketball shoes are now a billion dollar industry.

Shaq Shoes Signed by Shaq O’Neal
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