Should You Draft a Kicker in the 2022 NFL Draft?

If you’re planning on using the NFL Draft to draft a kicker in the 2022 NFL Draft, you may be wondering who would be the best pick. Here are some options. Dicker is a Texas product with a solid 86.7% conversion rate. He has one missed extra point and multiple 50-yard boots. He is also versatile and has taken on punting duties in the last two years. He was named first-team All-Big 12 in 2021.

Jordan Stout

The first thing to note about Jordan Stout is his versatility. He is a versatile punter who can kick a field goal in deep terrain. After Ty Long’s average punt distance of 36.5 yards in 2021-22, the Chargers need a punter. Stout was the best punter in the Big Ten at pinning opponents deep, averaging 76 yards against Wisconsin. In addition to punting, he had excellent hang time and a high percentage of fair catches.

The 2022 NFL Draft is a rare opportunity for kickers and punters to get drafted. Stout began his career at Virginia Tech before transferring to Penn State. He didn’t punt in three games during his junior year, but he did make two of his three field goals. Stout punted 33 times in 2020 and averaged 41.5 yards per kick. He made two of five field goals in 2022.

Stout excelled at all three phases, including kicker, during his college career. In 2021, Stout went 16-of-23 on field goals, including seven of his own. He averaged 46 yards per punt and held the PSU record for longest career field goal. However, his kickoff skills may be the determining factor in his stock in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The 2022 NFL Draft has added another talented player to the crop of punters. Jordan Stout of Penn State, a former punter and kicker, declared for the draft. He played all three aspects of the game this season, including punting and field goals. He is the longest punter in Penn State history, and he has the highest average punt average. His average hang time and net punting grade ranked him 19th nationally.

Stout started his second year on the field for kickoffs, and long field goals. However, it was his punting data that really shined. He averaged 38.9 yards in his first two games, which was a good result for his position at Penn State. He also showed great short-field control. He had eight downed kicks within the 20-yard line, and only one touchback. He was able to focus on punting in the offseason, which allowed him to learn the skills that would make him a good NFL kicker.

The draft also includes the Philadelphia Eagles. They need help at many positions, including punter, safety, and defensive end. Their backyard, Penn State, has a strong class of players in every position. Adding Jordan Stout to their roster is a smart move. This could be the best way for Stout to land his star kicker. There are many players from Penn State on the 2020 draft list.

Jordan Stout ranking

The former Penn State punter is a relative rarity in the kicker category. In the 2021 NFL Draft, only two kickers were selected. Stout’s performance at the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine and last year’s Mel Kiper Finals made him the top punter. He was rated as a fourth-round selection. Here are some of his most notable stats.

Jordan was a freshman and handled kickoffs, long field goals, and punting. His average hang time of 4.59 seconds ranked eighth best in college football. His short-field control was outstanding. He had eight downed punts within the 20-yard line, and only one touchback. Jordan worked on his punting during the offseason, and his game tape shows that he can make big plays in this position.

Before the start of the 2020 season, Stout had a great college season. Stout was 5-for-5 in touchbacks and he kicked a 44-yard field goal against Iowa City. During his collegiate career, Stout also served as a long-range kicker and was 20-of-32 on field goals. He also set the PSU record for the longest field goal by a player with only one attempt.

If Stout’s college career is any indication, he’ll be a first-rounder. If Araiza is better for their team, they may let him go. He’ll be 25 next year, so teams may not chase him. A team could, on the other hand pursue Stout without the assistance of a punter.

A number of top kickers and punters make up the NFL Draft class for 2022. Field goals have been a key part of many games this season, and these players could offer the answers that NFL teams are looking for. For example, Stout’s high-scoring kicks at Iowa State may be just the right thing for an NFL team. Andrew Mevis, who transferred from Fordham prior to the 2021 season, could be the next best thing in this category.

Despite his inconsistent play, Stout remains the best punter in the 2022 NFL Draft class. His average punts over the past three years have totaled 46.8 yards. Camarda’s long punts average 68 yards. Camarda’s combination of consistency and accuracy should help him earn a spot on the NFL roster. He can also field a punt, if necessary.

Jordan Stout rankings

There are many high-profile punters in the NFL Draft, but Jordan Stout stands out for his versatility and is projected to be the first college kicker taken in the 2022 NFL Draft. Stout finished second to San Diego State’s Matt Araiza for the Ray Guy Award competition. However, he has also been awarded first-team All-Big Ten honors. He is considered a top pick in the draft.

At Penn State, Stout handled the kickoff duties, and he dominated in the sport. In 2021, he averaged 46 yards per punt, pinned 35 kickoffs inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, and booted 25 punts that went 50 yards or more. In his career, Stout was one of only three players to average more than 45 yards on field goals in a season, and his long-range kicks forced fair catches in 45 percent of his attempts.

Stout can also be the Nittany Lions’ kicker. He demonstrated that he is willing to help any team in need. Stout was the Nittany Lion’s busiest player in 2021, handling kickoffs and punts as well as field goals. He also ranked second in the Big Ten in special teams snaps, with nine0.8 and 93.2 on kickoffs and punts, respectively.

While many teams ranked Stout as one of the top kickers in the 2020 NFL Draft, Stout’s lone season in college capped his season with just one touchdown. This is why the 2022 NFL Draft class could be the solution to many of the NFL’s problems. At six-foot-three and 209 pounds, he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.65 seconds and has outstanding touch. However, his limited touchback rate, short range, and mediocre technique make him a lower pick than the other kickers.

Araiza is the largest leg in the draft. He averages 51 yards on a punt and has landed 37 of his kicks inside the 20-yard line. He’s a convert from soccer to football, which means he has speed and power, but still needs to improve his accuracy. He has a slow foot and can outkick other players.

If Stout remains undrafted and isn’t picked by the NFL, he may be lost to another team. Araiza can stay in school and work on his weaknesses, so his availability could mean a trade for a better kicker. The draft strategy of a team could determine which kicker Araiza should select in the 2022 NFL Draft. Other than the kicker position there are many other highly-profile kickers that you should consider.

Should You Draft a Kicker in the 2022 NFL Draft?
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